RWD movie trailer

RWD The MovieCheck out the official trailer of RWD, the upcoming found-footage horror movie directed by Matt Stuertz based on a script he co-wrote with Adam Hartley and starring Matt Stuertz and Adam Hartley:


Two men went searching for ghosts but they found… themselves.

Plot synopsis:
“Chris Lipscomb (Adam Hartley) and Ricky Nicolas (Stuertz) are the stars and cameramen of the “popular” paranormal reality series “Ghost Goofs.” In their final episode, they plan to journey deep into the legendary Brut Woods in search of a malevolent and murderous spirit that has haunted the grounds for the past century. But when they arrive, they find something much worse… themselves.”

There are also two posters, take a look below:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


Kill your past… rewind your future!

There’s so evil time paradox at play… I hope my brain won’t explode from thinking about it…

The release date of the movie RWD is set to October 14, 2016 (on VOD).

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