Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

DeadpoolRyan Reynolds just confirmed that he will indeed reprise his role as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the spin-off Deadpool movie FOX is planning to release in 2012/2013.

Here’s what Ryan Reynolds recently said about the film:

Deadpool Movie

“Look, I’m into any role in which I get to kick Captain America in the nuts. [..]
Yeah, the script is in the works. That’s about all I can really say. They’re actively hashing it out.[…]
Well, I’m intimately involved with it. We’re just trying to break a story right now and figure out who the villain is going to be and all that stuff. But, it’s going to be just like the comic books. I’m gonna have a messed up face and you may see some flashbacks of Wade earlier in his life, but primarily what you see is what you get in the comics and that’s the goal. And there is no better place to draw material from than the comics which are incredible.”

Actor Ryan Reynolds

Good to know they keep the funny side of Deadpool in mind: I laugh out loud after reading about Captain America’s nuts!

I wonder if Scott Adkins will be back too as stunt double. Hope so, because I can’t imagine Ryan Reynolds training enough in just 3 years…

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  1. Mercedes

    Omg! The Captain America part was funny! lol.
    I can’t wait to see Ryan Renolds sexy ass as Deadpool again! No matter what they do to him, he’s still hot. Even with that body of his! w00t! :D