San Andreas 2 Movie

San Andreas 2 Movie - San Andreas SequelThere’s a sequel to San Andreas ahead of us: yep get ready for San Andreas 2! San Francisco has already been leveled to the ground in the first film, what’s next then? Some new giant earthquake Well, Neil Widener and Gavin James have been hired to pen a script. There’s no official plot synopsis, but plot details have surfaced online:

Plot synopsis:
“The sequel to San Andreas 2 is expanding the disaster locales by going global, focusing on the infamous Ring of Fire. The ring circles the Pacific Ocean with fault lines and volcanoes and according to scientists is home to about 90 percent of the worlds’ earthquakes.”

Director Brad Peyton will return to helm the sequel. And Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, and Paul Giamatti will reprise their roles.

There’s no official release date yet.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie San Andreas 2!

5 Responses - “San Andreas 2 Movie”

  1. Abishai

    There should be a San Andreas 2 because San Andreas was a great success!

    • Susan

      @Abishai: I really don’t like wrath quakes but San Andreas had me on edge. It was great. It would be hard to watch again. I was in tears while watching. I really wonder can this happen. Who knows. We all need to be prepared.

  2. Amanda

    Woo hoi, I cannot wait , loved the first , loved the cast ( apart Kylie minogue ) gladly killed off early , I’ll be crossing off my 2017 calendar , fab

  3. Deafquake

    I love massive earthquakes. I got 200 DVDs of earthquakes.
    San Andreas is BEST ever I seen but 2012 bit different. San Andreas is great of the wave if the quake and buildings are swayed. Many stars who are Australian who appear in it.
    The Rock is best actor!
    Cannot wait to see San Andreas will be release in 2018 not in 2017. But, it’s believe be start filming to making at the moment. I sure. I want see San Andreas 2. And hopefully San Andreas 3 could be possible in 2019 or 2020, wait and see what happened after San Andreas 2. I love San Andreas 3 to be massive earthquake hits in New York or Australia or Paris, or Germany, anything. I’m soooo exciting. Earthquake is my favourite!!!!

  4. Clare Siobhan

    COOL the only reason I would watch it though is for alexandra