Saving Mr Banks Movie Trailer

We’ve got our hands on the first official movie trailer of Saving Mr Banks, the upcoming biography comedy drama movie starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson:


To bring Mary Poppins to life, he needs to work his magic!

Based on the untold true story.

Behind the beloved book is a story beyond words

“Author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) travels from London to Hollywood as Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) adapts her novel Mary Poppins for the big screen.”

The whole thing kind of feel like a TV movie from Disney, but well… there’s something about Emma Thompson’s performance that still makes me want to see the film. What about you? Share your thoughts below!

By the way, here’s the trailer of Marry Poppins, the 1964 movie starring Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins:


The film will hit theaters on December 13, 2013.

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