Saw 6

Saw VI MovieSaw 6
or Saw VI
Horror movie
Directed by Kevin Greutert
Starring Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor
Release date: October 23, 2009


6 chances, 6 lessons, 6 choices!

More information at: Saw 6 Trailer

19 Responses - “Saw 6”

  1. mr.decoteau

    There will be a saw 6 and it’s gonna be the best movie of 2009: it tops everything of course! But it might be the last one because how it ended in saw 5. That liltle kid was found and that girl survived the game though, we’ll find out what’s going to happen.
    Saw 6 you’re doing a great job: keep it up!

  2. jaira

    yea good movie trailer

  3. nada

    i am a big saw fan but saw 5 really pissed me off it wasn’t at all as good as the others i cant wait for saw 6 to come out hopefully i dont get disapointed again

  4. Martha

    I agree that Saw 5 left much to be desired. Although.. after contemplating it a little more and rewatching the movie for sequel links.. I think 5 might have been a booster for what’s to come! Can’t wait for 6!

  5. cassy

    Saw 5 was awsome but they just keep getting better unlike most seq. these keep getting better. Cant wait till 6 what the hell was in the box given to jigsaws old lady maybe she will carry on…..

  6. Nick

    I think saw 6 will be really cool and i will be ready for it in Halloween!
    Saw 5 was not the best movie but i still liked it but just a little bit ok…
    Anyway i will be ready for Saw VI!

  7. Sahil

    Saw 6 is the most awaited movie atleast for me… Hope it comes to our expectations. Let see how it goes. But salut to the director for making such a wonderful sequence from one to another

  8. jessica

    I loved saw 1-4. and was disappointed in saw 5. i thought 1-4 were a lot better. i still remain a saw fan. can’t wait to see what you do with saw 6. hope you can make me barf. it hasn’t happened yet.

  9. me

    Sounds great but there is still one thing left to explain. What happened to the Dr. from N0.1?

  10. Natily Riggs

    Don’t be so sure about this being the last one, i’m getting the story. There are many things left to explain. I would love to solve it for you, but that would just kill the sequence. I am a big SAW fan. I just wish I could have the honor to be in one of them! Hint hint

  11. your mom

    saw 5 was so good i just cant wait to see the 6th one hopefully Saw 6 shows what was in that box he gives his ex!

  12. doc

    there are going to be 10 saw movies so, it’s not going to be the end hopefully…

  13. Christina

    i LOVE the saw collection! i cannot wait until SAW 6 is released:-) i think that saw 5 was the best especially the ending it was a surprise which is what i loved about it! out of the whole collection saw 1 was a little bit of a let down compared to the rest as because it wasnt as horrific as the rest, but i still loved it. I am really looking forward to SAW 6 and cant wait for more. GOOD LUCK!

    Saw 5 was awesome i am amazed with all of them, especially SAW 5 ending :-) i cant wait until saw 6 is released because this is the only movie that keeps getting better each time. so i am really looking forward to it…. my question is what happened to the Doctor from the first one, is he still alive? also what was in the box that was given to ex wife? hopefully these are going to be answered in the sixth Saw movie.


  14. michael

    Saw 6 is gonna be great like the last one. It’s like a tradition to have saw films at Halloween now.
    But you find out what happens to the guy who sawed his foot off in saw 1 and all lose ends are tied up!

  15. jack

    I heard that there’s rumors of there possibly being a saw 7. I don’t care how many they make they are really good. I have all the posters and movies of saw and they keep getting better. However I really would like to find out what happened to doctor gordon. Something crazy’s probably gonna happen with him because they haven’t mentioned him at all after the first saw movie. So he’s probably have some huge connection with everything.

  16. Livvy

    omfg i cant wait for Saw 6 to come out, i can’t believe there isn’t a trailer yet though, it comes out in October right? it’s going to be amazing! i heard they were going to make a Saw 7 movie as well, God i hope they do!

  17. Ebonie

    I love the Saw series! I hope the series goes on for a really long time, I can’t wait for this one to come out. :3 C:

  18. Simon

    There will be a final say move Saw VII and they have said that it will be the last saw movie as they don’t want us getting bored of the same old stuff, and i agree about sawv not being as good as the rest because it was like it was left half done but perhaps six will help clear things up seven is already in production so should be an amazing end to the saw saga :]

    and in saw 6 we get to find out whats in that box bring on halloween :d

  19. gina

    SAW VI was the best! Better than the first. Im gonna see it for the 2nd time on Halloween