Saw 7 Release Date

Saw VII MovieLionsgate has announced the release date of Saw 7: the seventh installment of the Saw movie franchise will hit theaters on October 22, 2010.

The movie Saw 7 will be directed by David Hack based on a script written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Saw 7 will be the first Saw movie in 3D.

5 Responses - “Saw 7 Release Date”

  1. jeff

    wow i just cant believe that saw 7 will be out soon i do hope it is in 3d as that will just rock it’s going to be the best saw movie yet

    i am an big saw fan!

  2. Bryy

    Why is SAW in 3D? Is there any real reason?

  3. Autumn Miller

    I love all of the Saw movies to death.. i hope this isn’t the last one.. if it is i hope it is the best of them yet.. I’m soo Glad that it is in 3D.. it should be even more scarier since it is in 3D

  4. amelia goodman

    Hi does anyone know when the saw 7 will be released because it’s normally around Halloween?

  5. Teaser Trailer

    The release date of Saw 3D has been pushed back to 29 October 2010. ;)