Saw V Restricted Clip

Saw 5

You may watch the latest restricted preview clip of Saw 5, the upcoming horror movie, here below:

Saw 5 Red Band Preview Clip

Do you know where Jigsaw gets his mask? Is it home made? or did he buy it in a local store? The Saw movies are so full of details: no wonder it has to spawn into many opus for the plot to fully realize.

After this Saw 5 movie, there will be Saw 6 and Saw 7. But I doubt this will be the end, either Jigsaw still has a few long-term tricks or he’s be preparing a heir to his bloody throne!

4 Responses - “Saw V Restricted Clip”

  1. maria jose

    Very intriguing!!!!! Waiting to see…

  2. Martin

    Hi!” have you seen saw 4? that clown is a puppet, thats not jigsaw, jigsaw wears the pig mask. The origin of the pig mask was shown in saw 4. Have you seen a saw movie?

  3. Teaser Trailer

    Saw puppet or Saw mask: whatever! ;-P

    and yeap I SAW (pun intended) them all! :)

  4. Roadkill

    The saw mask is somet he nicked at a parade and the puppet he was going to give to his son but his wife has a miscarriage as she has a door rammed into her stomach. So there is a difference between the mask and the doll, the film is bloody sick though XD