Saw V Trailer

Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is back in Saw 5.This Halloween a fifth Saw movie is gonna be released. Here below the first Saw 5 trailer:

Saw 5 Teaser Trailer

His message is righteous.
His love is everlasting.
His gift is life.

This Halloween belongs to Saw V!


Jigsaw is a twisted as usual to imagine such horrific traps!

Ginny OwensBy the way the nice Saw 5 soundtrack used for this trailer is the song Be Thou My Vision by Ginny Owens.

2 Responses - “Saw V Trailer”

  1. Anonymous

    The song is NOT sung by Ginny Owens. If you read on her website you’ll see she denied their request to use it so they had someone else else sing it who sounded a lot like her.

  2. donnie

    Can’t wait to see it!