Saw VI Movie

Saw VIIf you are a fan of the Saw movie series then rest assured that the tradition will be respected on Halloween 2009: Saw VI will give you a bloody day. Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) will still be there to tease the livings and Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) will be back too.

But his time, the director isn’t David Hackl. The job is taken over by Kevin Greutert who was the former movie editor on all of the Saw movies: so he isn’t a newbie, and knows damn well the universe of Saw. So Saw 6 is in good hands.

More about Saw VI at: Saw 6 Trailer

No detail about the plot has filtered yet but as long as they keep going with the famous traps, it should be fine! But maybe you have a recommendation for new Director Kevin Greutert about Saw VI?

Update: Here’s a first official preview clip of Saw VI!


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  1. james lee bonewits jr.

    In my opinion:
    From I think Saw 4: remember that lady cop? We don’t know if she died or not. In Saw 6 Make her come back, she would go back in law enforcement and would end up finding out that one dude is pretty much the other jigsaw and she would bust him.
    I mean please maybe you can help me out please pick mine Mr. Greutert and send me back I would like to be a director some day and I’m a kid who likes all the saws and to be honest I would still watch them (and alot of saw fans would agree with me) that even if Saw went on to make 30 films we would still watch them.
    I hope you will start with my idea, acknowledge me in the credits or say it in the directory under the special features on the DVD for when it comes out on DVD. See ya.

  2. Nate

    Well For starters of course i think like every other Saw fan
    that we should get some feed back on Dr. Gordin
    and as for Jill i think she should have something to do with the traps or the killing or maybe even a twist for her to actually wind up in one of the traps who knows maybe she cheated on Jigsaw.

    Another thing is enough with the little traps that aren’t interesting and then out of nowhere the big burst of blood.
    You guys need to go to more of torture and Blood and Gore
    like for example : Have a Guy or girl in a maze of some sort and have to get out in time before 5 min or the doors will lock forever
    and wait wait wait I wasn’t done. Have the floor of the maze be covered in Broken sharp pieces of glass and razor blades stuck facing up in the floor. and at the same time have the door have a key for it to and the key will be hanging from the ceiling the whole time and the person jumping up and down piercing their feet and falling down body parts sliced up from glass and razors trying to find the right key. idk i love Horror movies i think about random shit all day when I’m bored mostly psychotic things haha
    well see ya
    Can’t wait till “Saw 6”

    DON’T F**K IT UP !

  3. Nate

    And i agree with James or whatever his name is
    I think even if the Saw Films even went up to a 30th Film I would still Walk my ass to the theater and watch that shit! Haha!
    And yeah, I’m dying to be a movie director too. I just can’t find it in me to do it…
    I’m afraid too, I don’t wanna fail and end up being broke and becoming a bum, haha!

  4. Alicia

    I agree all the Saw movies are good, but yes needs more torture in Saw VI. It would be awesome. That guy’s idea about the broken glass and stuff wasn’t too bad. Oh and the lady cop in Saw 4 ended up dying. They said it in Saw 5.

  5. Andrew

    I totally agree the saw movies are awesome I’d like to see Agent Strahms boss (Dan Erickson) bust Hoffman. But in a way as happy as I am seeing another saw movie I think they should have stopped after Saw 3 because every character in every saw movie is like dead except for Detective Matthews son (saw 2), maybe Dr. Gordon isn’t (Saw 1) who knows on that and Strahms boss Dan Erickson (Saw 5). Well i wonder how Saw 6 is going down and hopefully Saw VI will be the last in the series because as much as I love the Saw movies they’re kinda going overboard with everything.

  6. Andrew

    oh yeah I forgot: I agree with everybody SAW VI needs to have more torture!

  7. starlight20

    well I disagree ^ you would think that at some point they would run out of ways to keep Jigsaw alive. Let’s face it there’s a bunch of people who can follow better yet continue the work of the Jigsaw. For instance I didn’t know if it’s me because I tend to over look things and think of possibilities for a next movie but Jigsaw’s wife seemed to have helped in saw V. Watch the movie again and correct me if I’m wrong. Plus a bunch of psychos or maybe even some of Jigsaw’s victims who survived (even though no one ever really survives) probably went crazy and are obsessed in making people go through what they’ve been through… :)

    Damn can’t wait for other horror movies… I own a movie collection! he I’d say I’m loony for movies!

  8. Taylah

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SAW… I don’t think that saw 4 was the best it was kinda really slow and boring. I took my boyfriend to the movies with me to watch it and he normally is sitting on the edge of his seat scared as hell but this time he fell asleep on my shoulder :( I would like it to be a bit better… although I haven’t seen saw 5 yet i hope that there are many series to come. I enjoy the thrill that I get watching them… So sign me up for Saw 6!

  9. Andrew

    Kay like you said starlight nobody ever survives the jigsaw traps there are people who have like Daniel (Saw 2) possibly Dr. Gordon (Saw 1) and Strahms boss Dan Erickson (Saw 5) even he was never in a trap he could possibly bust Hoffman. But Hoffman possibly will get busted for what he did at one point or another. But somebody else after that would possibly take on Jigsaw’s legacy

  10. emma burville

    I thought that saw 5 was great and it tied up most lose ends… The only way saw 6 can make a comeback is by introducing old characters, torture is great to a certain point there’s only so much you can watch it’s better when directors leave somethings to the mind after all it’s the thought of what’s happening to the people that’s scary to watch and gets the adrenalin going not tomato ketchup splatting around (yawn yawn).
    Hoffman has to have his own trap set he has to work out his own dilemma he should have to control others to keep himself alive… bit by bit he loses a limb or something along those lines, I too would like to find out what has happened to Gordin maybe he was involved all along… and has reinvented himself!

  11. Andrew

    Emma’s right they need to bring back old characters in Saw VI like Dr. Gordon, his wife, and their daughter (Saw 1) and Daniel from (Saw 2) and maybe possibly dr. gordon is a part of all The Jigsaw traps. there is some clues of how Dr. Gordon could be Jigsaw. First clue if you remember in Saw 2 at the beginning when the guy Micheal was watching the tape of Jigsaw he was limping on his right foot and in Saw 1 Dr. Gordon cut off his right foot. Second clue is in every saw movie at 1 point people are talking about Dr. Gordon and they keep reminding you every time of him. Third clue is in Saw 3 lynn and jigsaw where talking. Lynn says “Dr. Gordon was your Doctor?” and Jigsaw says “I was his patient and he was MINE”. so those are a bunch of clues of how Dr. Gordon is really the new Jigsaw and Hoffman is his accomplice

  12. NeoHuMaN

    Wow. really nice clues. I’m a big fan of Saw just finished watching saw 5 and I must tell you that was quite good! Very cool mystery on the rooms they went through (the 5 at the start).
    Only one thing to say: if they ever make Saw 90 I’ll still be in the front row of a theater watching it! That’s for sure!

  13. jocatz

    Can’t wait for the 6th movie! Saw fans rule!

  14. Revenue Agent

    IMO: What if Dr. Gordon is still alive? Maybe he is the real Jigsaw killer. He did have second thoughts about cheating on his wife in the first Saw. That’s why he had Zepp go through his mind twist in order to kill Dr. Gordon’s wife and child. Maybe Dr. Gordon was intrigued with Jigsaw. In the first Saw, Jigsaw was lying in bed as Dr. Gordon explained his prognosis to the students. Jigsaw had drawings of traps on his bed tray. What if Dr. Gordon left them there for Jigsaw to analyze? Dr. Gordon is the real Jigsaw and he left a recording for Jigsaw to carry out all of these tortures!!!

  15. RoseRed

    I am almost 60 and have watched everything horror since I could see a TV! The SAW movies are the bomb! They are not just blood and gore. The stories I believe are exceptional. SAW could go on forever. Just think of a great series on TV, like X files or the new FRINGE. Just make one movie, that’s 2 hours once a year and we could go on forever!!! I love Costas Mandylor. ROCK ON SAW.

  16. Guitar_maniac

    It could make sense, since Dr. Gordon survived Jigsaw’s trap. and that was the goal, he cut off his leg and when Amanda survived she became a helper of Jigsaw, Haven’t thought about before I read this post :o

    But sure as hell. SAW rocks \m/ (o o) \m/

  17. Nate

    OK iv been reading threw all this and thought of some more shit to say. 1. Dr. Gordon might not even come back ya know i mean maybe the SAW movies are just leaving you hanging by your seat just to fuck with us and another thing is that
    Dr. Gordon prob isn’t jigsaw cause otherwise why would
    Tobin bells character say in saw 5 to Hoffman ” im the man you call Jigsaw ” i don’t think hed say that if he wasn’t And yea so what if he made it out and that was the rule and Amanda did to and she became jigsaws helper ummm So? in case you didn’t remember so did Agent Peter Strahm and he lived but then out in another trap nobody else was. i mean damn maybe Gordon died of blood loss or was actually smart about it and stayed away from any traps and jigsaw so he wouldn’t end up in one again. Plus dose anyone realize it dosnt have to be an adult to be a killer maybe Daniel could be an accomplice. haha but all in all my own opions are these for SAW 6 (1. maybe gill is part of this,maybe there is no other killer and its just Hoffman, all i know is that there better be alot more blood , pain, and a really good twist especially since its the original writer hope he dost disappoint us.

  18. Tony

    Dr. Gordon is dead and gone.. If you pay attention to small details, in saw V when Strahm is going through files of jigsaw victims, there is clearly a file named “lawrence gordon”. there wouldn’t be a file for him if he hadn’t been found dead somewhere, because his trap only took place for like 2 hours, so the only way they’d know he was a victim is if the police found the body.

  19. Nate

    true true
    i really think people just go way out there with the whole dr. gordon shit just cause its something to think about or something to think the next movies gonna be about i mean just sit back and wait i mean if they make a saw 10 then what is everyone still gonna be talking about Dr. Gordon even if they still dont say shit about him i mean c’mon

  20. emma

    i think well certainly from my point earlier on, ‘all the shit’ about dr gordon is purely for a little clarification, because the saw films have more flashbacks than i don’t know what and seem to tie up all lose ends, i know i personally wanted to see him in another film purely because he isn’t dead and he could reappear, yes he has got a case file, but people who are victims of attempted murder and murder still have police files made up about the incident …. compiling evidence, so Strahm would still look at gordon’s file dead or alive, the file would still be there.
    Dr Gordon may have been double crossed having been put in the trap in the first place, he would have a perfect motive to get revenge on jigsaw or his accomplices.

  21. Nate

    No offense but personally i think people are just wasting their time about Dr. Gordon i mean it’s going on the 5TH MOVIE ! since the first film with Dr. Gordon in it that’s kind of a lot to skip one character and then outta nowhere bring him back i mean seriously if anyone there going to make something happen with either A.) A relative, B.) Jill, C.) a New Person or B.) some unexplained things about the characters who are still alive or jigsaw. And if they do end up saying something about Dr. Gordon in the 6th one its probably only gonna be cause Fans wouldn’t shut up about him.

  22. Nate

    Alright i looked and looked and looked and i found the right information about DR. GORDON
    this is what i saw on a Saw 6 Review :

    Dr Gordon from Saw 1 remains the biggest mystery in the series. The reason he never reappeared in subsequent movies is that actor Cary Elwes filed a lawsuit in 2005 against the producers for shortchanging him on pay. The rumor is they have now made up and Leigh Whannell says Elwes might be back for Saw 6.


    I believe that saw 6 will start off at the ending of saw 5, because the next set of test victims are on there way and for starters erickson is one of them. i dont know where the director is going to go on from there, maybe it will be like saw iv, where erickson will be set on a trail by hisself to find strauhm but instead is brought straight to hoffman. who knows, i just love all the saw movies, i have the collection and i want my collection to consistently grow. so keep the saw movies coming!

  24. Andrew

    i honestly believe elwes will be back for Saw 6 but only
    in a flashback showing (Dr. Gordon’s) fate and how he
    died from blood loss and if his body was found or not. and
    it sucks that strahm died now Erickson will probably die cuz
    he thinks strahm did it and has no idea that hoffman is really

  25. lyra

    can anyone tell me what the hell was in her box she opened with the key on her neck?

  26. Tony

    no one knows… it’s probably something purposely put in saw V to keep people excited for saw VI where it will supposedly be revealed. some people think it’s tools to carry on jigsaw’s work.

  27. Andrew

    Hopefully we’ll see what Jill Tuck got in her box in Saw V. Hopefully they’ll show it in Saw VI.

  28. maliano

    The box has a mask of all the puzzle pieces taken from folks who have died for jill to put on when she kills hoffman. he needs to hang from chains and be lowered in a pit

  29. MentalDragon1

    What I’m wondering is what happened to the 2 kids that survived AS WELL as Cary Elwes character. I noticed that after those movies none of them were mentioned any more. I’m glad Cary Elwes made up with them and I can’t wait to see what if anything they do with his character. Oh yeah.. you guys forgot about 1 person that survived and was only shown for a brief moment at the end of Saw 3… the guy who killed Jigsaw’s daughter was still alive at the end… they never said if he let her go or if she escaped or what have you.

  30. EL A.B.

    Dr. Gordon dies in the first they show his body all rotting in the second and the other guy that was chained up is rotted in there too. A trap i think they should make is stetching somebody’s body or like water filling up in a glass box and they’ll drown haha i like these movies they’re my favorites!

  31. Cole

    i think saw 6 should at least tie up some loose ends.
    like what happened to Dr. gorden(saw), what happened to Daniel (saw 2), and what happened to rigg(saw 4). N for the first comment, please the “lady cop” died 2 sequels ago in the angle trap. how could you miss that trap? can’t wait for saw 6 and to see my chick tanedra from scream queens in it. And for all the people who said that saw 5 sucked, should first think about what they were trying to do. I know it only showed detective Hoffman the whole time but trust me if they didn’t do that i’m sure you same people who didn’t like it would be begging to know how he got to be the next jigsaw. o and also i’ve been hearing rumors that the last saw movie might end super natural or something. Do not do that because that will be years of my life wasted. So stick to the reality stuff.

    The two guys who rotted in the bathroom in saw 2 was not dr. gorden and adam! it was adam and zepp. because dr.gorden cut his foot off and zepp came in and stared to shoot him then adam jumped up (supposedly dead) and beat him in the head with a top of the toilet then dr gorden scooted out promising help. ah!

  32. Cheshacat

    The Saw movies are amazing, honestly i’ve never seen a horror movie with such awsome mind F$%king story lines that make you think and analyze!
    i want to know what happen to the Little girl from the third saw!
    no one has found her yet!
    I’m really looking forward to saw 6 but would really like it to be more psychological and suspenseful!! that’s what gets the heart going :)

    Good luck

  33. Ben awesome

    I do agree that the Saw films are great, but I would hope that the writers keep true to the fanbase and tie up loose ends at some point.
    I hope that the daughter left alone at the end of Saw 3 is found at some point. I love that a Saw 6 is being made! I can’t wait to go and watch it! Oh, and by the way, I believe the cop lady being refered to earlier Cole is the woman who is hit in the face by the exploding doll in Saw 4.

  34. Andrew

    For all people who think Jill Tuck is gonna kill Hoffman: it’s not true.
    I think hoffman probably died and rotted after the end of Saw V because he’s trapped in a box under the ground while the walls are closed in, and he obviously can’t escape unless he has some sort of device to open the walls back up.
    Saw VI will probably show a bunch of flashbacks like what happened to Dr. Gordon (maybe).
    and if you people watched Saw V, at the beginning Hoffman walks out of the building with the little girl from the third Saw. So if you people pay attention she lived!
    The people i wonder if they are still alive is Dr. Gordon (Saw), Daniel (Saw 2). Oh and cole rigg from(saw 4) died you even see in Saw V a memorial ceremony for him and the other cops that died the past Saw movies. I kinda think Dr. Gordon is dead because like I said before in Saw V they had ceremony for the cop people that died, and Detective Tapp was there dead for the ceremony so if they found Tapp’s dead body in the sewers they probably found Dr. Gordon (dead or alive) and also in Saw V when Agent Strahm was going through files there is file called “Lawrence Gordon” so there be a file on him if they hadn’t found him in the sewer somewhere.

  35. Andrew

    i just figured out something about Dr. Gordon. In the saw movies even though we didn’t see this happen Dr. Gordon’s body was found. I know this because i was watching Saw 5 and when Agent Strahm was going through files there was one sheet of paper found on his desk that had said where all the victims were found. On the sheet was “Lawrence Gordon” then right beside it said “Found in Raw Sewage Facility” then beside that it said “Investigated by Matthews/Kerry/Hoffman”

  36. Andrew

    also for people who think Rigg is still alive he isn’t. Because on the same sheet lawrence gordon was on it said “Daniel Rigg” “Found in Gideon Meat Packing Plant” “Investigated by Hoffman/Strahm/Erickson”

  37. Ryan

    you people are so thick dr gordon is coming back in Saw VI
    I have already seen a picture of him in a trap so there! Search on google if you dont believe me.
    And I love Saw more than any body on here.
    Seriously I would love to go watch them film it! Wouldn’t you a lot too?

    Oh and “Andrew” I really don’t reckon Hoffman is dead! Didn’t he build that trap?

    “cole” you’re right about dr gorden. i have already seen him in a trap for saw vi search it up on (google saw vi) and you can tell its him by his face! I can’t wait for saw six! I got sent out of class for talking about saw so much i love it! I’m like the biggest fan in the whole wide world!

  38. Andrew

    i didn’t say Hoffman is dead. I’m just saying how the hell is he going to escape from inside the box in the ground? i mean i love saw but why r they making Saw VI if Hoffman is stuck in the ground trapped under the closed walls. As for the Rigg thing i meant to say “Investigated by Fisk/Hoffman/Strahm”

    Earlier i was talking about this sheet about where all the victims were found? well here is the only victims i could see on the sheet

    Mark Wilson “Investigated by Fisk
    Seth Baxter “Investigated by Fisk/Kerry
    Paul Leahy “Investigated by Hoffman/Tapp/Sing
    Amanda Young “Investigated by Hoffman/Tapp/Sing
    Donnie Greco “Investigated by Hoffman/Tapp/Sing
    Adam Stanheight “Investigated by Fisk/Hoffman/Matthews
    Lawrence Gordon “Investigated by Kerry/Hoffman

    so far….

  39. Andrew

    Saw 6 exclusive clip. Featuring Dr. Gordon and Dr. Hefner. For those of you who don’t know who Dr. Hefner is, he is the surgeon who operated on John Kramer’s body at the beginning of Saw 4.
    Just click the pic below and you’ll see the exclusive Saw 6 clip:

    Saw VI Clip

    … and here a pic from Saw 6 where Dr. Gordon is in a trap:

    Saw VI trap

  40. Andrew

    I’m not saying you’re wrong but how would you know?
    and if it is fake can you please delete my comment somehow?

  41. Teaser Trailer

    Well, that’s obviously a fan-made montage: looks too cheap compared to the usual quality of the film, and the youtube user also made a joker saw video.
    Besides if it was a true clip of Saw 6 it would have been taken down by Lionsgate long ago!

    But still, it’s interesting, so let’s keep your comment: it helps to wait till some real Saw 6 material.

  42. PookeyBear

    Andrew, I didn’t check the clip, but the picture you posted is a picture of Cary Elwes in a contraption from the movie “The Princess Bride” when his character is “mostly” killed by the Prince.

  43. SAWFAN

    I sure hope that the rumors are true of Dr.Gordon being in Saw VI. I saw the clip of him talking with the one doctor but how did some of these people get this information? I heard that the sympothesis of Saw VI is VERY important. In Saw V when Jigsaw was talking to Mark Hoffman,he said that in the end it is all connected. The sympothesis supposibly is that Dr.Gordon’s wife and child were in the building that was burnt down in connections with the 5 victims of Saw, the woman who put it in order (megan good’s character) an all the others. If its true then there’s going to be a lot on Dr.Gordon’s mind. But how will he affect the movie besides being alive? He does not know that Jigsaw is dead or does he? An if so does he know that Jigsaw has an apprentice? Does he know Mark Hoffman?

  44. Andrew

    SAWFAN or whatever is right i heard a rumor that the 5 people or something are responsible for Allison and Diana Gordon’s death. so apparently they’re dead.

  45. Andrew

    well the 5 people in saw are in connection with Allison and Diana in the burning building. i heard also that allison and diana died is that true?

  46. Kevin Greutert

    Hi everyone; I stumbled onto this site from Reddit. I’m directing Saw VI starting tomorrow, and I love the enthusiasm you all have for the SAW series. Yes, that clip of Cary Elwes and “Dr. Heffner” is unrelated to SAW, just for the record. I hope you all love the movie come October.


  47. Teaser Trailer

    Hi Kevin!

    Any confirmation about Dr. Gordon in Saw 6?


  48. Ryan

    is that really kevin greutert ???? haha awsssuuuuuuuum ;)

  49. Ryan

    oh and kevin is that picture of Dr Gordon really in Saw VI??

  50. michael

    Guys Dr. Gordon is dead… check SAW IV and you will see, that he is dead at the entrance of the first SAW movie room, amanda and the detective’s son go into it, running from Xavier.

  51. Andrew

    Awesome! Kevin Greutert! I will enjoy the movie in October but please tell us if you have any info on
    Dr. Gordon.!

  52. karlos

    i watched all saw films and i am a massive fan, love them all. just want to find out what happened to dr.gorden and what the hell was in that box given to jigsaws wife, bring on saw 6 and saw 50 lol, hope they carry on

  53. Brayner

    well we all know in saw vi dr lawrence gordon is going to be jigsaws new apprentice if you dont believe me just go to youtube and look up dr. lawrence gordon.

  54. Ashlee

    I am a huge fan of saw, I watched saw v three times in the theatres and I own every saw movie out there lol, and I am a dedicated researching fan… I am excited to see saw vi, and I read that Jill (Betsy – the skilled actress who plays as her) will not reappear in this movie, so, I hope that we will learn what was in the box, I mean the directors and producers keep a secret every year… so who knows… maybe she WILL appear.

  55. YELLA

    Keep the Saw movies coming!

  56. Andrew

    a lot of people are probably wondering how Hoffman would get out of the box in the ground. well the information on that apparently was already spread to the public by the producers. How Hoffman gets out is he pulls a lever underneath the glass and which reveals a small opening which he crawls through and ends up on the street, i dunno if this it true but its a rumor apparently spread by the producers or creator of Saw.

    well… not exactly spread but a rumor said to be true

    well a person on youtube told a bunch of people that’s how Hoffman escapes and he said the producers told everyone or something.

  57. Andrew

    an also i was doing some research to find out the cast of Saw 6
    and heres the so far confirmed cast according to wikipedia

    Betsy Russell – Jill Tuck
    Costas Mandylor – Lieutenant Mark Hoffman
    James Van Patten – Dr. Hefner
    Mark Rolston – FBI Agent Dan Erickson
    Shawnee Smith – Amanda Young
    Tanedra Howard – (Unknown Role)
    Tobin Bell – John Kramer/Jigsaw

    rumored… cast members

    Karen Cliche is rumored to star as a new character named Shelby
    Jon Mack – (Unknown Role)
    Devon Bostick is rumored to star as a new character named Brent
    Cary Elwes – Dr. Lawrence Gordon

  58. Ryan

    that is probably true then. and this is how i thought he would get out :)

  59. LDENTON85

    there were easy clues to determine that dr. Gordon was alive. The fact that john had an I.V. in Saw 2. In Saw 3, there was no way he or Amanda could have gotten a stretcher when the police were looking for them. In Saw 4 jigsaw was an engineer not a doctor. Who could have put the brace that was on Eric Matthews leg.

  60. LDENTON85

    what was in Jill’s black box in saw 5?

  61. Andrew

    my best guess of whats in the box is the information on Hoffman. In a flashback in Saw V Jigsaw told Hoffman in the event of his death the information on him will be released. So maybe Jill will release the information on Hoffman.

  62. Andrew

    i was searching for the full cast of Saw VI and here is what i found during my search

    Betsy Russell – Jill Tuck
    Costas Mandylor – Lieutenant Mark Hoffman
    Devon Bostick – Brent
    James Gilbert – Aaron
    James Van Patten – Dr. Hefner
    Karen Cliche – Shelby
    Mark Rolston – FBI Agent Dan Erickson
    Marty Moreau – (Unknown)
    Melanie Scrofano – (Unknown)
    Peter Outerbridge – William
    Shauna MacDonald – (Unknown)
    Shawn Ahmed – Allen
    Shawn Mathieson – (Unknown)
    Shawnee Smith – Amanda Young
    Tanedra Howard – (Unknown)
    Tobin Bell – John Kramer/Jigsaw

    and rumored to be coming back are

    Cary Elwes – Dr. Lawrence Gordon
    Mike Realba – Detective Fisk
    Scott Patterson – FBI Agent Peter Strahm

  63. Andrew

    anyways the biggest question thats on my mind is “What happened to Dr. Gordon?”. I was just watching Saw V and and Agent Strahm sneaks into Hoffman’s house and goes into a tunnel and walks down it and you see Dr. Gordon’s blood trail coming from the bathroom.

  64. amelia

    surely we are gonna find out if Dr. Gordon is dead or alive in saw vi in every saw film from 2 they always remind us about Dr.Gordon! but in my opinion i think he is six foot under.

  65. Allan J. Sesate

    I want brit and mallick to come back, but I want Dr.Gordon to live, Amanda, I want her to come back, I want Jill to have a-lot to do with killing the newest characters.

  66. natasha

    i think that jill tuck will have something to do with it i think that in that box were instructions to continue his work… i’m not sure that jigsaw is really dead and there ‘d better be more blood and guts and i want everything to come together so that it makes sense

  67. David Borja

    Hi! Erm.. my Uncle’s friend is friends with one of the saw 6 directors. And he said that Dr.Gordon could be in it because he cannot say if he is in it or not because he’s not allowed. I showed him

  68. jak

    I hope the saw films continue to do well because they are really good. I don’t think jigsaw is dead, he’s so smart because he sets up all his games and has plans for everything he does way ahead of time. Even if he is dead he probably has a brother or someone in his family we don’t know about that’ll continue his work.

  69. ashley

    honestly i think that the woman that was suppose to be jigsaw’s wife or exee shall i say should be the one who turns out to be the one who takes over as the roll or something cuz in saw v we never found out what was in the box that he left for her and after that she kind of just disappeared ya kno maybe she could be the one to have been behind it all or something like that that would be awesome to put a whole completely unexpected twist on the whole damn thing> just an idea
    ya never kno i own all the movies and seen them a million times it would be an awesome twist and plus make this one even more sick and horrifying i mean it is going to be a halloween movie just an idea think about it.

  70. Andrew

    I have 2 things on my mind. 1) I wonder what happened to Jeff from Saw 1. We never saw him after his trap. Jigsaw said himself that he is for a greater cause, so there has to be a future into what that means and what the cause is. The Saw VI plot synopsis it says Jigsaw’s grand scheme is finally revealed so it would make sense to explain a little bit more about Jeff. 2) Now lets talk about Adam (Saw 1). In the first movie it shows the Adam has the ankle shackle around his left ankle and somehow it appears on his right ankle In Saw 3 when Amanda goes back and kills him. So how does the shackle get from his left leg to his right? Is that just a movie error or did he somehow escape the bathroom and some how get back there? and also in the first movie when Adam took the pictures of Dr. Gordon they were black and white. Adams dead now, so how does the same size and colour pictures appear in every omive after that if Adam’s dead?

    just some stuff to think about

  71. Andrew

    also when will they release Saw VI’s trailer?

  72. saw

    hi everyone one only will be in the game

  73. Andrew

    What do you mean?

  74. Andrew

    anyways.. this wasn’t made by me, but i think it would be a good opening for Saw VI when it hits theaters:

    Saw VI Opening Scene (Fan made)

  75. Lauren C

    Yesterday I watched Saw 2-5. First time I’ve seen them. Scared the living crap out of me. I think the saw series could go on for a while, but there’s only so many ways you can torcher people. Plus how many accomplices can you really have. I don’t think that Doc Gordon is one. Only because he cut off his foot! Amanda and the detective never had to do anything so drastic. Sure they might have had to get a couple scratches to throw people off, but no limb cuttings.

    Andrew: Mistakes happen in movies. They have to film scenes over and over again to get just the right angle and frame. Sometimes they don’t catch things like that.

  76. Corey

    I think Dr. Gordon is dead , but I hope not. He was my favorite victim in Saw. He really lost it in the movie. He experienced true desperation and madness in Saw. Also, I’m a gamer and a Saw fan. The new Saw video game has you play as Detective Tapp from the first movie. He wakes up in an asylum with the head trap Amanda wore. He probably dies in the game, but his body wouldn’t have been found with Gorden. We don’t even know if the police found the bathroom where Adam died.

  77. Teaser Trailer

    What do you think of the first official clip of Saw 6? Twisted trap, isn’t it?

  78. Corey

    That was awesome! Now I’m getting really psyched for the new movie.

  79. Suzy X

    That’s him in a trap from the film the princess bride. It’s a fantasy kid’s movie… Nothing to do with Saw. :)

  80. Andrew

    Saw VI Trailer!

    SAW VI

    6 chances, 6 lessons, 6 choices!

  81. Teaser Trailer

    Thanks Andrew! At long last, but not least, we may watch the first trailer of Saw 6.

  82. myles

    idk if gordon is alive or dead but i do know that jigsaw wanted him to live foot or no foot… in saw 3, we learn that jigsaw is fully conscious when he’s in the bathroom with Adam and gordon in Saw One (he relaxed himself but he was the one pressing the button that electricuted them). he also tells gordan that if time rolls arround to 6:00 and Adam’s still alive, he’ll leave him there to rot. but he doesn’t… instead he waits for gordon to chop off his foot and go get help before he gets up and slams the door on Adam. he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d drug himself so heavily that he couldn’t get up in time. Why would he do that if he didn’t have other plans for gordon…

  83. Andrew

    I was just looking around on the internet for Saw VI leaked spoilers, and i heard that Cary Elwes will return for Saw VI as Dr. Gordon, but it is still unknown what his ultimate fate is.

  84. Tristan

    I’m a massive fan of the Saw franchise. I can’t wait for Saw VI, and I also can’t wait for the Saw video game. Sounds interesting.

  85. Ike

    Ok. i read through some of these and a lot of you need to watch some of these movies over again. 1. dr gordons fate hasnt been determined yet. 2. jigsaw is deff dead. 3. jill is in saw 6. 4. you need to listen to everything they say in these movies. if you listen to what they say and take it literaly you can see how a lot of it fits together. for example. in saw 4 when hoffmen enters the room with a stuffed animal under his arm, the female fbi agent askes if its a boy or girl and that she didnt know he had kids, he a girl and i dont its a long story. he is talking about jeffs little girl from saw 3, because as you remember that saw 4 is on the same time scale as saw three, just a diff point of view. and to answer the question about hoffman being alive, well duh…. he told him that if he got into the box he would live and if he didnt he would die in the room. just listen to their words. you will be surprised what starts making sense. 5. amanda is dead so i am looking forward to flashbacks, kinda wanna know what was in the letter hoffman left for her. also. as for jills box, i have no idea. there is the chance its the all the dirt on hoffman seeing that jigsaw said in the event of his death the info will be released. i am wondering if even jigsaw wants it to end. almost as if hoffman is just as bad as the rest he has trapped before. and this whole thing is like “See what i made all you dumbasses do just by planting ideas in their heads. remember he lost faith in our ability to do right and go the distance. and in a way i think he is just proving he is right, and so far he is.
    to be honest i expect almost anything from these guys and they have made them amazing so far so i am not even gunna begin to tell them what i think they should do. i trust they will end it good and give us a good show. And for the record, i am glad saw has its share of gore, but i dont want it to be just about the gore. it hasnt been so for. lets keep a hell of a good story. we dont need anymore pointless gore porn like hostle and so forth :)

  86. Richard

    Hi guys, Dr. Gordon is back in Saw VI. The box that jill recieves contains a love letter from john(jigsaw) plans for the traps and layout of the 6th movie, and forms that prove she is an accomplice to jigsaw that hoffman also has, which is why in saw 6, she tests him.

  87. Annissë

    I am seeing SAW VI opening night dressed as JIGSAW the doll for the 4th time in a row!


  88. Shawna Johnson

    Seen saw 6 last night. Everything I would have thought it could be and better. Not gonna spoil it for you all.

  89. Andrew

    I saw, Saw VI it was awesome good story line to it although their making Saw VII i hope its the last in the franchise there sorta going to far with it, i might be posting my own Saw VII script soon and if i do tell me what u think