Saw VII Movie

It has been confirmed that Scriptwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton will pen the screenplay of the movie Saw 7. So we may expect the same kind o twisted traps as in the previous Saw movies. And because the legend never dies, Actor Tobin Bell is back too, as the insane Jigsaw, he will be appear through flashbacks I suppose (actually Tobin Bell said he’ll keep his role till at least the movie Saw 8).

Saw VII Trailer

The director of Saw 7 hasn’t been announced, but we may fairly bet that it will be Editor-turned-Director Kevin Greutert (who directed the yet-to-be-released Saw 6 movie). But he may have to share the helm with Scriptwriter Marcus Dunstan, who made his directorial debut this year with The Collector. Update: David hackl is back to direct Saw VII

Saw VII Movie - Saw 7Regarding the release date of Saw 7: nothing official yet, Lionsgate will probably respect the tradition and release Saw 7 in October 2010.

Any suggestion to Marcus Dunstan Patrick Melton? What do you want to see in the movie Saw VII?

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  1. dawn adams

    I would like to see everyone that is involved with the jigsaw be brought together in the exact same warehouse where it all started. This is then where they have to compete with one another to see who the final jigsaw is.

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