Scary Movie 5 in 2011?

Scary Movie 5Fans of The Scary Movie series, a series of films which mainly specialize in spoofing popular horror films, are yearning for a fifth opus installment since a long time. And so far no real clue about why it wasn’t released earlier already. Here’s some Anna Faris’ insight:

Scary Movie 5 Trailer

“I’m not sure that there’s enough kinda iconic… scary… movies around […] if we’ve got enough films like that to go off on?”

Actress Anna Faris

Ok, it may be true that there was no real tentpole horror movie. But by now, one could list movies like Quarantine, The Orphan, The Midnight Meat Train, the Collector, or even the new installments of the Saw movie series. IMDb is listing the film for 2011… They should start production now in order to release Scary Movie 5 earlier!

What other films do you think Scary Movie 5 should spoof?

23 Responses - “Scary Movie 5 in 2011?”

  1. Robert Howell

    I think you should spoof Halloween 2 and show Anna Faris’s boobs!

  2. tonni

    Here are some good horror movies they should spoof..

    Drag me to hell
    Angels and demonds
    My bloody valentine
    Texas chainsaw the beginning
    the last house on the left
    The orphan
    The happening
    Sorority row
    Jennifers body
    The stepfather

    and yea so on.. Dont make fun of saw because that was already done in saw 4

  3. Savvanna

    There are so many scary movie’s they haven’t used like Silent Hill, Halloween, 30 Days of Night, Jeepers Creepers, The Amityville Horror, The Last House on the Left, The Wrong Turn. I mean there are so many.

  4. shimy

    i truly think that you should put some things about the 2012 things since the movie is gonna be out right before that

  5. AngryScaryMovie5fan

    I want these movies to come back because they were so silly and immature you couldn’t help but laugh and they always got fairly decent reviews and anna faris seems ok with a 5th movie, I don’t see why they couldn’t give us the goods sooner.

    (Great idea…..also spoof Quarantine that movie s**ked @$$ and prom night that movie was awful and deserves a spoof.)

  6. tibby

    They should spoof Halloween

  7. claumpit

    what about paranormal activity and the 4th kind? those would be perfect to spoof in a funny way.. like absolutely perfect

  8. Charles

    How about those movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The Thirteenth, or The Strangers?

  9. abil

    the final destination will be a good parody idea…

  10. Jacob

    obviously paranormal activity, and the new scream movie maybe this time they could also bring back the wayans brothers you know to make the movie funny.

  11. mannyclown

    i think that they should spoof 2012 (and yes i know that wasn’t a scary movie) and the blob why the heck dont they do zombies? and maybe even avatar (and that wasn’t a scary movie either so not to much no that)

  12. Shawn

    I think that spoofing Halloween would be hard. How would they fit Cindy Campbell in? Michael Myers kills his family… :(

  13. Mitch

    There are a ton of movies that could easly be spoofed. The Scary Movie series also hasn’t made fun of any classic movies such as Jaws or Halloween. But here are a couple: Paranormal Activity, Drag Me to Hell (definiteley), Jennifers Body (definiteley!), the Stepfather, Orphan, the Crazies, Mirrors, the Hitcher, Quarantine, Prom Night (definiteley!) ,Sorority Row, the Last House on the Left, a Nightmare on Elm Street, The Strangers, Friday the 13th, Hostel, A Perfect Getaway, Splice, Daybreakers, Legion, the Wolfman, Pirhana, Cloverfield, the Eye, the Happening, One Missed Call, Shutter Island, the Uninvited, the Unborn, the 4th Kind, the Box, My Bloody Valentine, Obsessed (definitely!), Zombieland, and Whiteout…..just to name a few. Now don’t tell me there are no movies out there!!

  14. Jordan

    they should spoof final destination, paranormal activity, or even the crazies

  15. Sam

    i think they should spoof “drag me to hell”,”paranormal activity”,”jennifers body”,”halloween”,”twilight”,”the final destination”,”nightmare on elm street”,and”friday the 13th”!

  16. Rick

    if you haven’t looked at the scary movie 5 posters, there’s already the final destination movies (except i believe they have it only making fun of the first 3), silent hill, the hills have eyes, and the descent that are going to be made fun of. they shouldn’t do twilight, that’s already been done with that vampires suck movie, which i thought that sucked and twilight= the most overrated series of all time. paranormal activity, cloverfield, and drag me to hell are stupid suggestions to me. A Nightmare On Elm Street, 30 Days Of Night, and Wrong Turn are good ideas. i didn’t see anyone mentioning Resident Evil, that would be good to spoof too.

  17. daemien

    do final destination

  18. Caia

    i think you should base scary movie 5 on sorority row that would be really good x

  19. blob

    there obviously gonna make fun of “the hills have eyes” since its on the front cover :P

  20. BoOmZi101

    final destination, chucky, prom night, paranormal activity, jeepers creepers, twilight, blade, the orphan, jennifers body, premonition, and nightmare on elms street!

  21. GrubbZz

    The Mist. I would love to see them spoof that XD

  22. Amber

    Some of these may have already been used in the previous Scary Movies, but I’m just listing them off as I think of them…
    Halloween, Friday the 13, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jeepers Creepers, Paranormal Activity (and other paranormal films; Paranormal Entity, Haunting of Winchester House, The Amittyville Horror, 8213 Gacy House, The Haunting in Connecticut, An American Haunting), Boogeyman, Children of the Corn, The Hitcher, Stay Alive, Sleepwalkers, Let Me In (and other vampire movies), Idle Hands (even though that was kind of a comedy), 1408, 13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill, Jennifer’s Body, Insidious, 30 Days of Night, Shutter Island, Piranha 3D, Jaws, See No Evil, Child’s Play, The Exorcist, Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes, The Ring, The Grudge, Night of the Living Dead (and other zombie movie), The Midnight Meat Train, The Craft, Five Girls, Tamara, House of Wax, Carrie, Obsessed, The Stepfather, Flight Plan, Red Eye, Snakes on a Plane, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Battle Los Angeles (and other alien movies), Predator, Eagle Eye, Devil, Case 39, The Descent, Gremlins, The Ruins, Prom Night, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hannibal Lector, Final Destination, Saw, The Forth Kind, My Soul to Take, The Human Centipede, The Omen, The Roommate, The Rite, Orphan, Ghost Ship, Hostel, Drag Me to Hell, Skeleton Key, Legion, Disturbia, Twister.
    That’s all I can think of lol. I hope Scary Movie 5 comes out soon, I love those movies!

  23. Christian

    I love scary movies keep it up (.Y.)