Scorched Earth Movie starring Gina Carano

We’ve just spotted this teaser poster of Scorched Earth of Scorched Earth, the upcoming post-apocalyptic action science-fiction movie directed by Peter Howitt based on a script by Kevin Leeson and Bobby Mort and starring Gina Carano:

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Scorched Earth movie

Before the end of the world, Cage has some people to kill.

Plot synopsis:
“The planet has suffered an environmental collapse; the air became dangerous to breathe, the water became toxic, and billions of people died. Generations later, mankind has finally re-established a rudimentary society, in an attempt to pick up the pieces that continue to blister in the sun. Gage (Gina Carano) is a bounty hunter and she has a chance at the bounty of a lifetime. She infiltrates a gang of outlaws in order to bring in their leader, and everything is going to plan until she meets a slave girl that reminds her of her dead sister. With her loyalty to only herself now tested, Gage learns that there might be more to life than just survival.”

And below two additional behind-the-scenes pictures of featuring Gina Carano in costume:

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Gina Carano manages to look even more sexy in a post-apocalyptic world, lol, she rules.

Besides Gina Carano, the film is also starring John Hannah, Ryan Robbins, and Dean S. Jagger.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Scorched Earth.

2 Responses - “Scorched Earth Movie starring Gina Carano”

  1. Laura Marcela Pulido AvendaƱo

    Thanks for the information, it’s great to see that Gina Carano is triumphing with each passing year, her career as an actress is very promising, her roles as tough woman are incredible, I consider from my point of view Gina is way more badass than Michelle Rodriguez and Milla Jovovich, Gina in just 11 years of artistic career made 9 action movies, a video game, a TV series, and two TV shows, where she demonstrated her great abilities, a pity that she was never considered Wonder Woman

  2. mark fillingim

    she is great …and i think she will do well in the future..ditto on wonder women