Scott Adkins Accident Man

Take a look tot he first official picture of Accident Man, the upcoming action thriller movie directed by Jesse V. Johnson and starring Scott Adkins:

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Scott Adkins - Accident Man - Official Picture

Plot synopsis:
“Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins), the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer, whose methodical hits, baffle the police and delight his clients, he is the best at what he does. But when a loved one is dragged into the London underworld and murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to rip apart the life he knew in order to hold those accountable and avenge the one person who actually meant something to him.”

Scott Adkins plays the role of an assassin who disguises his hits as everyday, ordinary accidents. That said don’t worry, we will get to see him fighting around like a rel warrior!

Besides Scott Adkins, the cast also includes Ray Stevenson, Ashley Greene, David Paymer, Michael Jai White, Ray Park, Amy Johnston, Perry Benson, Nick Moran, Ross O’Hennessy, Tim Man, Leon Finnan, and Brooke Johnston.

Their roles:

– Ashley Greene plays Charlie, a feisty widow, who locks horns with Fallon as they search the truth.
– Ray Stevenson plays Big Ray, a sage bar tender / death merchant and the leader of a motley crew of assassins
– Ray Park and Michael Jai White as Mac & Mick, the bickering best friends and ex-special forces turned contract killers
– David Paymer as Milton, the eloquent public persona of the team
– Amy Johnston as Jane the Ripper, who is as swift and sharp with her tongue as she is her Katana.
– Perry Benson as Finicky Fred, who bring his own finesse to this darkest of arts.
– Ross O’Hennessy whose axe wielding Carnage Cliff, wreaks daily havoc for a pay cheque
– Stephen Donald who skulks in the shadows as Poison Pete.
– Nick Moran as Leonard Kent, the ominous accountant whose actions start the wrecking ball swinging

No official release date yet.

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