Scythe Movie

Scythe MovieThere’s a movie adaptation of Scythe ahead of us. Yep, the science-fiction young adult novel written by Neal Shusterman is going to be adapted into a feature film by Universal Pictures. Scriptwriters Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken (who wrote the script of 10 Cloverfield Lane) have been hired to pen a screenplay.

Plot synopsis:
“A world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery: humanity has conquered all those things, and has even conquered death. Now Scythes are the only ones who can end life—and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the size of the population under control.
Citra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice to a scythe—a role that neither wants. These teens must master the “art” of taking life, knowing that the consequence of failure could mean losing their own.”

Here’s a trailer for the book:

Scythe – Book trailer

Let’s the hope the film adaptation will be faithful to the novel it’s based on. Who you you think could play Citra and Rowan?

There’s no official release date yet.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Scythe.

40 Responses - “Scythe Movie”

  1. carly perez

    Citra: Aimee teegarden
    Rowan: Matt lanter

  2. Valerie

    Faraday: Colm Feore
    Citra: Michelle Veintimilla
    Curie: Jane Lynch
    Rowan: I am still thinking on this one – however my daughter thinks that he is: Jordan Fisher

  3. hdawg

    citra – kat Graham
    rowan- dylan o’brian

  4. jj

    Citra- Mila Kunis

    Rowan-Josh Hutchinson

    Curie- Dame Judie Dench

  5. cristi

    rowan – Rhys Matthew bond
    Citra – Bailee Madison

  6. Dennis marcenko

    my money is on alita battle angel ,everybody loves a pretty droid girl that can fight back.

  7. Brandon Coburn

    Rowan could be Dylan O’Brien from maze runner he shows a lot of love and compassion in that movie but in America Assassin he shows the ruthlessness that Rowan has towards the end of the book

    Citra could be Daisy Ridley she shows really good empathy towards people in Star Wars and I think she could carry a really good michy attitudelike citra does in the beginning of the book

  8. Candra

    I think Zoe Kravitz would make a great Citra (Christina from “Divergent”)
    Or Vanessa Hudgens.
    Maybe they are a bit old for the role (both nearly 30), but it’s not uncommon that teenage characters are played by much older actors.

    For Rowan I’d love Brenton Thwaites. He was great in “The Giver”. He’s already in his late 20s, too, though.

  9. Abellesse

    I have a little clue because Citra is a common name in Indonesia or India so she can’t be cast as a sweet white girl with blonde hair. I’ve pictured her as a brunette with face as strong and sassy as her character this whole time:D and Rowan, I agree some people here mentioned Dylan O’Brien

  10. francesca ashcroft

    HI. Was this ever made into a movie? I’ve been searching and can’t find it anywhere.
    Please advise. Thank you. Francesca

  11. Simon

    I’m sure of one thing—Scythe Faraday HAS to be George Clooney

  12. Yeah

    Citra- Liv Hewson
    Rowan- uuuuuh
    Faraday- George Clooney
    Curie- Helen Mirren
    Goddard- Adam Dahlberg

  13. nicholas

    Citra – gadot
    faraday – Harrison Ford
    rowen – Tom Holland

  14. Luna

    When is it gonna be a movie tho???

  15. Yurrrr

    Hear me out. Liam Neeson has to play Farday. Dylan O’Brien or Tom Holland could play Rowan. And Tessa Thompson could play Citra.

  16. angel

    I just finished the first book and am now reading the second can’t wait for the third but I really want to know when the movie is going to get made.

  17. owen

    Harrison ford for Faraday, maybe George clooney
    rowan, tom Holland maybe dylan O’brien
    citra daisy ridley

  18. Dakota

    I really dont care who plays Rowan or Citra but Scythe Michael Faraday is played by Alexander Skarsgard.

    Curie could be scarlet johansson
    Xenocrates could be John goodman cause who doesnt love him or if you remember Mr. Tiny from vampires assistant Michael Cerveris

  19. Faith

    Citra: Mackenzie Foy

    Rowan: Rhys Matthew Bond

  20. Ghost Bark

    I feel like Julianne Moore would make a perfect Scythe Curie. AnnaSophia Robb a great Citra. Rowan is more difficult because more people fit him. My list (in no particular order) for Rowan is Tom Sturridge, Josh Hutcherson, or Cole Sprouse. Faraday could be Christian Bale. Goddard could be Tim Curry.

  21. OwO

    Music by Arvo Part and Philip Glass.

  22. Potato fans

    Citra- Jennifer Lawrence
    rowan- idk

  23. Hello

    Does anyone know when the auditions will be and if there will be any?!

  24. bigboi

    i still don’t know when the movie adaption is coming out or if it already came out if not when is it supposed to come out

  25. castingdirector

    I looked through a few of the suggestions and I think some people forget that Citra is 37% Afric, so that means most probably an African American should star as Citra. I was thinking maybe Zendaya? And for Rowan, he’s supposed to be a pale (but strong) boy with dark hair. So maybe Dylan O’Brien or Cole Sprouse? Just an opinion though, but I think it makes sense.
    Citra – Zendaya
    Rowan – Dylan O’Brien or Cole Sprouse
    Faraday – still thinking
    Curie – still thinking
    Goddard – still thinking
    I also think Dylan would play Rowan well because he’s starred in another Dystopian film, The Maze Runner, so I feel he’ll play Rowan well. Plus he was in American Assassin also. But Cole Sprouse would play Rowan well also. And Zendaya is amazing I’m sure she can pull off being Citra.

  26. potatoPOtato

    Citra – Zendaya
    Rowan – Dylan O’Brien or Cole Sprouse

  27. anonymouspotato

    rowan – DEFINITELY DYLAN O’BRIEN he is awesome or Hero Fiennes Tiffin (possibly theo james tho…)
    Citra – Zoe Kravitz
    Tyger – Thomas Brodie Sangster looks-wise (without the mustache), but crazy (unless playing crank newt counts), cool, and wild doesn’t really seem like him
    Faraday – Harrison Ford or George Clooney
    Scythe Curie – (based on other peoples answers) Dame Judi Dench
    Xenocrates – Maybe Kevin James, idk though…
    Goddard- Ansel Elgort, maybe when he is older though, the movie is taking so long he’ll be the right age when they start the auditions :P Maybe Tyler Posey though
    Scythe Volta – Keiynan Lonsdale when he is older

    Also, WHY R U ALL SAYING JOSH HUTCHERSON WILL BE A GOOD ROWAN. That guy is totally sweet and awesome. He could NOT be rowan, he doesn’t even look like him, or at least how I imagine him. I really hope Dylan O’Brien is rowan, just as long as he doesn’t have the beard.

    • David Cox

      @anonymouspotato: Yes you can villainize Ansel Elgort but making him so evil that he is Scythe Goddard is just wrong.

  28. David Cox

    Done. A follow up of owen’s idea.
    Rowan: Keiynan Lonsdale
    Citra: Daisy Ridley

  29. Pamela O'Brien

    I think the following actors/actresses should be in the movies:
    Citra: Kiersey Clemons
    Rowan: Timothée Chalamet
    Scythe Faraday: Brad Pitt
    Scythe Curie: kate hudson
    Thunderhead: Morgan Freeman

  30. Nick

    Oscar Isaac would be a dead-on Goddard.

    • Pamela O'Brien

      @Nick: I agree, Oscar Isaac would be a great Goddard, and I change my choice for Faraday. He should be played by Liam Neeson. He’s SO bad ass even though he’s getting old.

  31. Lawson Langley

    clara: ariel winter
    rowan: chris colfer
    scythe faraday: robert downy jr./brad pitt
    thunder head: morgan freeman/sam elliot

  32. Tmack

    People stop with all the white girls playing Citra! Citra is black or mixed, read the book carefully people! In the beginning Rowan asked her what her ethnic percentage, and her highest one was African or Black. I think Citra should be someone like Jaylen Barron, China Anne McClain, or Zendaya.

  33. D4rthN3b223

    Citra- Zendaya
    Rowan- Tom holland or that guy from maze runner
    Faraday-harrison ford or RDJ
    Curi- Scarlet johanson
    Godard- an actor that can play a good D-bag

    • D4rthN3b223

      thunderhead- Margan Freeman or Sir David Attenborough (the guy who narrates planet earth)

  34. Kori

    Not sure about the others but Goddard could be played by John Travolta or Nicolas Cage