Second New Moon Trailer Leaked

Twilight 2 New Moon Trailer in front of BandslamA reader just told us that the full version of the second New moon trailer has leaked online (but it’s in French with subs, but hey, it shows that Twilight’s fandom knows no frontier, France love Stephenie Meyer’s work too!) via youtube:

Update: the English version of this New Moon trailer has also leaked online by now via the German site MyVideo:

The wolf pack is like on steroid! They’re huge! This second trailer of Twilight New Moon look so much better than what we have for the first opus of the Twilight Saga. There is no denying that Director Chris Weitz was really committed to make Twilight 2 a success!

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  1. Sharon

    My Goodness!!! We absolutely love this trailer, can’t wait for the movie

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