Seven Pounds Movie Trailer

Will Smith in Seven Pounds

The trailer of Seven Pounds has been released online (or has it genuinely leaked?). Seven Pounds is an upcoming emotional drama starring Will Smith who works again with Director Gabriele Muccino from The Pursuit of Happiness.

Here below the first trailer of Seven Pounds:

Seven Pounds First Official Trailer

All Ben Thomas has is a plan.
Seven names on a list, seven lives he’s about to change.
But one… will change him.

From the director of The Pursuit of Happyness

This Christmas

Will Smith



That’s a feel-good movie ideal for the Christmas period. Besides Will Smith in the cast is almost a guaranty of quality!

One Response - “Seven Pounds Movie Trailer”

  1. Patricia

    Omg…this movie looks like it’s gonna be fabulous. I can’t wait for it to be released! Will Smith is phenomenal and Rosario Dawson just makes it a combination reckon with. I’m soooo there!