Seven Pounds Will Smith Movie Pictures

Will Smith Dog and company in Seven Pounds

In Seven Pounds Will Smith plays the role of a young widower who’s tempted by suicide following the death of his beloved wife but decide to help some other people before leaving Earth. Check some pictures from the movie Seven Pounds at

Seven Pounds Pictures

Any idea about the race of the dog near Will Smith on the picture (above) of Seven Pounds the movie?

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  1. Tom

    The BREED (not race!) is a Great Dane

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Thank you for you insight Tom :)

    Will Smith’s dog is indeed a Great Dane.

  3. nikki

    The dog is actually a harlequin great dane…. at least that’s what it looks like… They are BEAUTIFUL dogs

  4. cb

    No, the Dane is called a MANTLE, not harlequin.

  5. mike

    That is a Mantle colored Great Dane, not a Harlequin. Mantles have a black & white tuxedo pattern, whereas Harl’s have torn black patches over their body.

  6. AM

    Hello!!!! It’s “Marmaduke”…

  7. Teaser Trailer

    I agree, the dog of Will Smith in Seven Pounds looks like Marmaduke!

    Seven Pounds - Will Smith's dog looks like Marmaduke.

    Marmaduke is a newspaper comic strip drawn by Brad Anderson from 1954 to the present day. The strip was created by Anderson, with help from Phil Leeming (1955-1962) and later Dorothy Leeming (1963-1969). The strip revolves around the Winslow family and their Great Dane, Marmaduke. The strip on Sundays also has a side feature called “Dog Gone Funny,” in which one or more panels are devoted to dog anecdotes submitted by the fans.


    We have two “mantle” or also called “boston” great danes… both males — they have the colouring of the boston terrier… Will Smith is sitting by a mantle great dane with clipped ears… All our danes have natural ears. great danes are black, fawn, brindle, blue, mantle and the “merle” which is not accepted as yet by the akc… We have one “merle” also… gray, white, black patches… a female… fabulous dogs…

  9. Action Jackson

    The Great Dane is a Mantle, and a handsome dog at that.

  10. Kat

    The breed is a Great Dane. The color pattern is “Mantle”. Ears are not “clipped” ~ they are CROPPED.

  11. maka

    I think that dog of Will Smith is cool and good and it looks nice!

  12. myfavholliday

    I own a great dane (mine is all black unlike the one in the movie): they are some of the most mild mannered, easygoing dogs I have ever met. Great with all people, including children, and other animals. I highly encourage everyone to learn more about them because I think many people misunderstand them due to their size.

  13. Roger Nike

    I just watched this movie. loved it. I’m looking for the jazz song that Rosario played. I loved the song and want to by the cd. It was a love song that started “you are for me, for me, for me” I will be very glad if I know what is the title of the song , so i can buy it.


  14. Teaser Trailer

    Hi Roger,

    I think you’re hinting at the song ‘For Me Formidable’ by French singer Charle Aznavour:

  15. Suresh

    Thanks buddy, I was looking for this song as well. Cheers mate

  16. John

    The dog is a grandanoir (dogue alemao).

  17. PersonPizza

    God! Your arguing over the breed of a dog!

  18. Fergo

    It’s a mantel great dane :-) Mantel refers to the black and white markings: Mantel = coat in german.

    Wonderful breed :-)

  19. Bubby

    The dog in the picture is a short haired bassett hound that has been grossly over fed. So there!

  20. Teaser Trailer

    Can’t blame you: all dogs look alike after all, don’t they?

  21. IDGem

    The dog is a mantle Great Dane. AKC won’t recognize the merle. Standards are written by the national breed clubs.

    My question is what the dog’s name is and who the owner is?

  22. Vicki

    OK since many of you don’t seem to research but one of you. The breed of dog is called Great Dane, the color in the movie is Mantle, not a Harl nor Merle. The ears are cropped not clipped. Great Danes are amazing dogs and I have shared my life with many of them and will until the day I die.

    If you decide this breed is something you might want, be advised they are not cheap to feed especially if you do it the right way and go Organic or Raw. One of my boys costs $100 a month for food and the puppy $200 a month. Make sure the breeder does health testing and can provide the ID #’s for you. Be prepared a well breed Dane starts at $1,500 from a good breeder.

  23. Shoshyposhy

    well that is a mantle. i have one named frank and he looks just like him but his ears are all floppy and so adorable. he is a year and a half and i love my baby boy and he does that Marmaduke thing when he jumps on people he does that to me all the time and for Halloween he is going to be scooby doo and everybody else including me will be the gang.

  24. Gem

    Ok the dog is a Mantle Great dane. They are big, gentle, amasing, handsome and if you ask me the appollo of all dog breeds. In other words if you want to describe a Great dane .. well the answer is in their name. However if you want to own i’d do some research first. These dogs are not cheap, they need a lot of food and they are prone to bloat. Which is some thing that you want to avoid as the operation that is required to save the dogs life should it suffer from bloat is rediculasy expensive.

  25. Gem

    Also is there any other girl on here who thinks Will smith is totaly hot?