Sex and the City 3 Movie – SATC 3

Sex and the City 3 MovieThe Sun reignited the rumor that the movie Sex and the City 3 is filmed back to back to SATC 2 because the studios prefer to hurry before the girls get too old. Well, a representative of Newline Cinema said it ain’t so… And actually Sex and the City 3 hasn’t even been officially greenlit yet.

Sex and the City 3 Trailer

But I’m pretty sure that the studios are already thinking about it. And there’s no doubt that the age issue has been raised. They have a great franchise that fans love, but the main actresses are reaching a certain age, and one could not seriously blame the studios for worrying about it…

The Golden Girls TV show was a hit, but I doubt that a Sex and the City 3 movie done in 10 years from now would get the same success. So, they’d better hurry to produce and release Sex and the City 3 before the girls transform into Golden Girls of the 21st century!

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