Shane Acker's 9 Pictures

This new series of pictures of the movie 9 allow us to have a better to the rag dolls heroes, or “stitch punks” as Shane Acker calls them:

9 Movie Pictures

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

The movie 9 is really set in a strange world! I hope that the straw men will succeed in their mission to tame the mechanical evil and will save our dear Earth!

2 Responses - “Shane Acker's 9 Pictures”

  1. TINA

    this movie looks really good can’t wait to see it

    i’m so excited! :D

  2. kendra

    I will be there with friends or by myself for opening day. You best believe I’ll be there grabbing onto someone and sitting on someone’s lap. I’m going for the burton name (I know it’s Acker’s creation, work, artistry..his basically, but I know nothing of him. I am fully aware of burton though), Elijah Wood, and yes, 6 aka Crispin Glover! If it is amazing and doesn’t scare me like Coraline did, I will praise Acker and add him to my very short director/producer list. Who’s on that list?
    Peter Jackson (I’m excited for The Hobbit) and Tim Burton (I’m excited for Alice in Wonderland. Haha I wrote 9 instead of the parenthesis at first).

    -kendra <3