Sherlock Holmes Movie Cast Interview

Sherlock Holmes new movieDirector Guy Ritchie is trying to forget Madonna by working hard on his own movie adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

ET visited the movie set, and met the movie cast :

Sherlock Holmes Cast Interview

I like those interviews made on movie sets: they’re much more natural and telling than the artificial promo interview given just before the final release.

Robert Downey Jr. is giving an interesting point of view regarding the controversy there could be around Guy Ritchie’s modern take on Sherlock Holmes:

“The reinvention [of Sherlock Holmes] is actually a return to the idiosyncrasy that Conan Doyle had in his books that people hadn’t really pay much attention to.”

Robert Downey Jr.

The movie Sherlock Holmes will be released on Christmas 2009. I’ll have to encourage my kids to read a few Sherlock Holmes book by then!

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