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Actor Shia Labeouf got a lead role in Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, aka Wall Street 2, the upcoming movie sequel to Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. I’ve been wondering if Shia Labeouf has any real smattering of the art of investment. Well if what he told to USA Today is true, I’d say Shia Labeouf do have some impressive trading skills (or was it luck?):

Wall Street 2 Trailer

“I opened up an account when I first met Oliver. It was $20,000. This morning, it was $297,000.”

Shia Labeouf
(talking to USA Today, here)

So Shia Labeouf’s initial investment has been multiplied by 14. Let’s assume that he met Director Oliver Stone 5 years ago (but it’s probably less), this would imply an average rate of return of 172% per year! If Shia Labeouf could keep such a profitability I’d suggest him to quit acting and become a full-time trader. But I now think that he just told some BS to USA Today, or that the journalist misunderstood the final amount (but then even if it’s actually $29,700 that would mean a return rate of 8% per year which would still be a feat)… I’d rather suggest Shia Labeouf to do more research and also to take some new math courses… Or maybe he’s training to play the role of Maddof?

Anyway, here some new pictures of Wall Street 2:

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Gossip: Shia Labeouf and Carrey Mulligan, who both star in Wall Street 2, are now a couple!

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