Shrek 5 Movie – News Update

Shrek 5 FilmJeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, said that there’s still hope for a Shrek 5 movie, well, it’s not under works right now, but they’re still intending to develop a new installment in the Shrek movie series. Here’s what he said:

We like to let them have a little bit of time to rest, but I think you can be confident that we’ll have another chapter in the Shrek series. We’re not finished, and more importantly, neither is he.

Jeffrey Katzenberg,
CEO of DreamWorks Animation

Besides NBC Universal recently bought Dreamworks and they want a swift return on their latest investment, so they definitely want to bring Shrek back to the big screen. They’ve even hired Illumination Entertainment’s Chris Meledandri to help them:

Steve Burke“Chris Meledandri is creatively going to try and help us figure out how to resurrect Shrek.”

Steve Burke,
President and CEO of NBC Universal

More details about Shrek 5 soon then!

You may watch below the movie trailers of the previous installments of Shrek:

SHREK (2001)

SHREK 2 (2004)

SHREK 3 – SHREK The Third (2007)

SHREK 4 Forever After (2010)

No official release date yet.

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