Silent Hill 2 Movie

A new Silent Hill movie has been greenlit. Producer Samuel Hadida said he will boost the production of SIlent Hill 2 once Resident Evil 4 is wrapped. Screenwriter Roger Avary, who wrote the script of the first Silent Hill movie, is back to pen the screenplay of the sequel.

Silent Hill 2 Movie
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No word yet if Director Christophe Gans is back to helm Silent Hill 2. Also no word if Radha Mitchell is reprising her role: I guess it will depend on the script Roger Avary will deliver. The story may pick up from the first film (with Radha Mitchell prisoner of some strange parallel dimension). But that’s not sure: they may want to differentiate from the first opus which didn’t fare as well as expected. So they could create a whole new story or produce something closer to one of the Silent Hill video games.

Any advice concerning the movie Silent Hill 2?

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  1. boylondon

    As a huge fan of the Silent Hill franchise, the first movie is quite impressive. I always love a female lead character. Unlike the guys in any of the games, including Alex the army guy, not one of them can even handle a ‘real’ weapon. However, during all the fight/stunt scenes, I only see Cybil the female officer doing all the shooting. I would really love to see our beloved heroine kick some serious butt instead. Only this time, maybe she is well prepared, possibly armed with a small melee weapon even before heading into the mist. Cops are kind of useless, they know little or nothing behind the mystical story, just to point that out.
    As for the demons/monsters, I love to see at least 3-4 different kinds of foes. Just forget the Pyramid Head for a second, though I think he is cool to see his appearance, but he really is not that fearsome. Any of these in any combinations, Mannequins (they have long legs), Closers (they have long thick arms), Siams (you won’t believe how much seismic damage they unleash), Lurkers, Needlers, Smogs, or Scraper/Missionary (they all look quite intimidating, or do they?), Leonard Wolf (he carries a sacred item and somewhat has a connection with the “Order”).
    If the story allows, it will not be a bad idea to see Alessa’s Dream, since she is the key character to the story. Otherwise the God or Asphysia, they are awesome bosses to mess around with, I think. One other thing I want to point out, is it not possible to find a police station or a gun shop around town if our beloved heroine is in trouble? To help an injured officer or shop owner in a way that she can “upgrade” her weapon(s), or pick up a more powerful weapon perhaps? My personal favourite maybe the anti-tank rifle, or at least like the M14, I call it a blast from the past. Lastly to top it all off, the movie must include at least one alternate ending. What if our heroine fails to accomplish her mission and ends up like ‘one of them’? What if she follows the wrong path, other than “Cheryl, let’s go home.” Abducted by UFO will sound absurd, only in the games……

  2. Siobhan Van Der Berg

    I thouroughly enjoyed the silent hill movie, one of the best translated game-movies I’v seen (let me tell you i’ve been disappoineted by many), if not THE best. Even though it wasn’t a 100% translation of the original story there were original characters and the changes were made to benefit the movie, giving it a more realistic (even though fantasy-horror) and relatable feel. I was glad that original monsters were kept, pyramid head is the only monster in any horror game that has ever scared me, I don’t care who thinks im a wuss I’v played many horror games many very scary and yet none seem to top PH, call it a personal phobia if you will. I absolutely loved the touch with the janitor and kind of wished he was intorduced into the game even. As far as suggestions go, I’d say that it should kick off from where it ended. The director left a lovely possiblity that the Allessa the lead actress brought home (alternative home) could have been the more evil version, plus there is no indication that her and her more innocent counterpart bonded. This idea would come together nicely from the silent hill 3 story of Heather; at the end, harry finding her bringing her home, changing her name and she lives life normally until her roots catch up to her. Anyone who has played SH3 would have noticed that Heather does come across a doppelganger and fights her, this may be a good direction if the director wants to keep gamers happy and keep to the story, there is nothing worse than a game movie that doesn’t stick to the game by at least 80%. I think creating a new story would be a mistake, as it is the silent hills that did not follow allessa’s story (SH2, the room, homecoming) have not been as good as the first one and 3. Allessa IS silent hill, it is hers, there is no point in making other connections with one place with unconnected people. Anybody that I have compared the games with agree that the original silent hill is the favoured and then 3 because it’s a female main character and a sequal to 1. Maybe the director could work on the doppelganger idea, just a thought, could be good.
    As for monsters……..?……….jaberwocks were not so scary, nurses…….i didnt find scary either although they are in all the games. Smogs are just annoying. the ghosts from 4 are effective and also those baby headed things (their name fails me) creeped me out.
    Another thing I reall enjoyed about the movie was the music, the fact that it was original and was just so “silent hill”, was really good. This should be kept constant, as for disappointing tomb raider (which i was a huge fan of), i didn’t recall lara enjoying such c*ap music, and thought she was a lover of the classics; going thru her house her cd player had classical music in it that u could play in her ball room, not to mention the opening fmv for the first level in chronicles where she is at the opera. The movies changed the games and as a retro fan i haven’t enjoyed the recent tomb raiders (except anniversary), they are no longer challenging. Her attitude is getting worse and worse and she is getting less and less classy as the years go by. Back to Silent Hill, final ideas, keep to the story where it left off taking from the games like was done for the first movie and all should be fine.

  3. Elisha

    I was dissapointed by the first movie. They replaced the main character of the original game with a chick and they gave prymid head platform boots. I’d prefer that they did an adaptation of the 2nd game and not replace the main character with someone that was not in the game. The 2nd was my favorite but adding some Allessa elments would be good too. And no naked platform boots pyrimid head. Give him back his pants and gloves.

  4. HiredGunSG

    I saw the first Silent Hill and really did not care for it much. It didn’t really follow the story line of the game. The movie should always be based on the game because the game is the original story line. If you don’t really follow the story line people that know of the game and movie don’t care very much for it. This is why most movies turned to video games fail. I think if they are going to release a second Silent Hill they really need to follow the story line of the second game. Each game was based on a different character and their own experiences in Silent Hill as an individual. Afterall we all have our own fears and nightmares and we know what scares us the most. Using the same characters and the same settings only gets more boring. Please, don’t use the same characters and the same settings for a story and do not continue it from the last movie. The second movie really needs to relate to a man that receives a letter from his dead wife. So he ends up in Silent Hill trying to meet her at their “Secret Place” only to discover the horrors that await him.

    I am very sure if this movie is a continuation of the first film and is not about the second game and does not follow the story line of the second game then many, including myself will not be watching it.

  5. asfm

    The SH film is mediocre. They ruined the best part of SH – the symbolism. By taking enemies from SH2 – enemies with symbolic significance specific to SH2’s story, like the straightjacket guy, pryamidhead and *sexy* nurses (SH1 nurses are not sexy) – they undermined the entire concept of Silent Hill.

    And then there was the business with the mass exposition at the end. Ugh.*

    If they really are going to do a SH2 film, they should clean up the dialogue and change *nothing* else. Preserve the symbolism. Keep the story. No substantial changes.

    *That being said, SH is still probably the best film adaptation of a game, if only by virtue of the fact that all the others are unwatchably bad.

  6. christopher james

    It is unfortunate the movie didnt fare as well as it did in the box office. Any silent hill game enthusiast can tell you that the 2006 adaptation did farely well to stay true to parts of the original story, even including some original eerie music that we have all come to know and love. For the second movie though, mr roger the director has to ask himself like he did in the first film, what plot will please the fans, and create new fans of the series by making it more typical or relatable (or understandable) to a fresh audience? In my opinion, he is capable of both. we all know that silent hill games have small ties in between stories, but the ties are far and inbetween. In my opinion, if the director truly wanted to do a sequel, then the second game plot really fits best here. Chris goes back to silent hill in search of his beloved, and his child, and the torment of an unknown past, including his wife starts to reveal itself there. some how the child is saved from the ordeal, and not the wife, and Sean Bean takes his child home. Leaves room for a third title, where alessa’s grown up offspring goes back to silent hill to explain her origins (plot of the third game). just my opinion. If not, i think origins would make a great storyline. it makes a great introductory to the series with a grady type character, and can ease newer people into the series. If and when the next movie comes out, it would be nice to see more silent hill locations for the fans. Most of them are creepy enough that it wouldnt matter if new audiences didnt recognize them. More music please! and definitely more time spent inthe dark world. i felt the last film was so short, it left me wanting more in the worst possible way.

  7. damon

    i loved the first film i hope they do the second one really good to

  8. Jacob

    I cannot explain how much i love silent hill ! i mean im only 15 but i remember being smaller and watching my dad play silent hill although i did not know the stories but now i have recently started finding them and playing them, they are very interesting and scary! The movie was great Radha Mitchell is the perfect protagonist for the film, I am crossing my fingers that they make a sequel movie it would be great! :)

  9. aisha derrouel

    the new silent hill 2 movie is going to be sick, cant wait i hope its going to be better than the last one. i think they could put henry townshed from silent hill 4 the room, that be real good. hope this movie is so gory. cant WAIT

  10. Dale

    look if you made a film just like the movie we would be in the cinema/DVD for more then 5 hours you see to succeed at a better film like silent hill 2 if they make it you would have to make mistakes just like you would through life i myself are a lover of the franchise and i loved silent hill as it had the creepy background and the pyramid head which symbalised the whole franchise which iv grown up with and yes they could have been more but every movie needs more and who cares if its not identical to the game lots of people enjoyed the film and i want them to make another quality silent hill but what i would say is the story was best in the hospital setting so id say fairly would’ve loved to see more of the hospital scene but apart from that it was an awesome film and all you pure nerds should get with times because not all people play silent hill games so you’ve got to be diverse in the movie industry and ill admit most of the game is all puzzle and i wouldn’t want to watch a film where all the movie is just watching some hero of the story solving puzzles all the time i finish with saying well done silent hill good movie cant wait for the next installment