Smallville Abandoned

Smallville S10.08 AbandonedYou may watch below the trailer of Abandoned, the next episode of Smallville Season 10:

Smallville – Season 10 Episode 8 Abandoned

And here’s a clip of Abandoned:

Smallville – S10.08 – Abandoned

Smallville S10x08 Abandoned
Lois finds a video made for her by her mother, Ella Lane, before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clark that takes her to the Fortress, where she comes face to face with Jor-El and Lara. Meanwhile, Tess has a nightmare involving herself as a child and a music box. Upon awakening, she finds the music box in Luthor mansion and sets out to find out who planted it there. Clark accompanies her to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness who may not have the young girls’ best intentions in mind. One of the young women living there, Harriet, finds Clark snooping around and decides to take matters into her own very sharp hands.

Looks like this new episode of Smallville will be quite intense!

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  1. Golard

    Abandoned will be an episode that full of drama, since it would deal the issue on child parent relationship as well as facing of childhood fears. In this episode, Teri Hatcher will grace the show with her appearance as Ella Lane, Lois’ mother. Teri Hatcher is famous for her role as Susan Mayer in drama-comedy series Desperate Housewives.