Smallville Luthor

Smallville S10.10 LuthorWe’ve got our hands on a sneak preview of Luthor, the next episode of Smallville Season 10:

Smallville – Season 10 Episode 10 – Luthor

We also have a few clips:

Smallville S10.10 Luthor

What a privilege it is to be alive.

I don’t want you to make stupid mistakes Clark.

Tess and Clark

And here below a few pictures:

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Smallville S10x10 Luthor
Tess acquires a Kryptonian box that once belonged to Lionel Luthor. When Clark accidentally activates the box, he’s transported to a parallel universe where Lionel found Clark in the cornfields instead of the Kents. In this universe, Clark Luthor is a murderer and Lois is engaged to Oliver and both of them hate Clark. Clark must be careful not to tip off Lionel that he’s not his son while trying to figure out how to get back to Earth where the monster Clark Luthor was transported in his place

Luthor will be a twisted episode of Smallville, it will be damn fun to watch!

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