Smallville Season 10 Confirmed

Smallville Season 10  ConfirmedIt’s been officially confirmed by the CW Network: we may expect Smallville Season 10 for Fall 2010! They even promise that this new tenth season of Smallville will be a momentous season! I’m so glad to hear that: I definitely dig the ninth season and would have been sad to see Smallville coming to an end… And the new plot development totally justifies a new season.

Update – Here’s the first trailer of Smallville Season 10:

Smallville Season 10 Trailer

Smallville Season 10 Fall 2010

As a result I guess the final episode of Season 9 will be a cliffhanger episode!

Anyway, Fall 2010 isn’t that far away: we won’t have to wait too long to watch Smallville Season 10.

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  1. Mig

    they should have darkseid next season. they should get a body builder, paint him grey, giv him red contacts, and dress him up in a suit or armor. then they can have him in a spaceship orbiting earth with a bunch of his minions and henchmen who he can send to kill clark such as Lobo and Calaback. twords the end of the season they can have him go to earth to kill clark himself. when he comes they can have either clark stop him or have the heroes come together to beat him. i think that could make for an excellent season.

  2. Miguel

    As far as I am concerned with Smallville continuing….Season 10 shouldn’t be the last!! keep it going :-)

  3. Simon Grady

    I would be so happy for it to be carried on but unfortunately there’s only so much they can do before he becomes superman which would be the end of the series. I don’t think Darkseid would be a great choice tbh. I think He should defeat Zod at the end of the season. But the 10th season should see the return of doomsday as we know he didn’t get rid of him in that appalling ending they had to doomsday. I think they should go through with a death of superman sorta storyline and have the WHOLE league join together n bring Clark back and then defeat doomsday. toward the end of the season would have to see Lex coming back. n the last episode should see him fly off right at the very end.

  4. Tony Wang

    I’m glad their going up to season 10. I am a huge fan of smallville and honestly hope they go for more seasons, but it seems highly uncertain. I want them them to introduce Bruce Wayne/Batman in the next season. It would be interesting to have Clark and Bruce fight along side each other.

  5. creeack

    btw, they have the bat embargo, so there cant be batman in smallville. they need to have a large cast next season. maybe doomsday, lex luther, tess, and darkseid. maybe even zod

  6. Joe

    Personally, I think they ought to make clark fly and not end the show with him flying away — that would totally s**k. We should see him fighting crime with his flying ability (full superman version) for at least a season. After that, they don’t necesarily have to end the show, they could continue with new and improved episodes of smallville, but superman version ones.

  7. Ryan

    You know. I really like smallville. Great actors, good story. Good writers. However… the series might as well of ended a couple of years ago. It should have ended a couple of years ago. Season 9 is great. Sure. But it’s just a superman series now without the cape. I mean, i’m glad it “grew up” and has evolved, but really. How long can they drag this thing on? Season 20? Let it die. End on a high note. Please. We, the fans beg you.

  8. Rob

    @Ryan – You do not speak for the fans. You speak for only yourself. Personally, I would love for Smallville to keep going. And if you would take the time to read all of the other comments on this page, you would realize that you are the sole possessor of the dissenting opinion. So, make that opinion if you wish. Just remember that you only speak for yourself.

  9. Lymond

    For Season 10 first episode I want to see Clark put on some glasses. Then I want Perry Mason to step in at the Planet. And bring in Jimmy’s kid brother Olson as an extra. The producers need to focus on fixing the origins of the storyline and making Clark turn into Superman. I don’t care what new villains come, but they seriously need to get back Lex Luther and if “Michael Rosenbaum” doesn’t come back tot e show, then bring in a stand-in actor and hide his face or something.

    I also think Clark should cross paths with Wayne industries (but never show the Bat)and give the Green Arrow a break. Current Watchtower needs to be destroyed in this season so they can relocate it in a more suitable place before the orbit location. And towards the end of the 10th season Clark needs to complete his training and suit up so by then everyone is use to him with glasses the whole season, so when he takes them off it will come off as unusual. Last thing… Cloe needs get a power and change her identity to someone regular in the JLU story line or just kill her off at the end since history has no record of her. They will need a regular villain to keep the show flowing throughout the season. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for something great! This is one of my favorite TV shows!

  10. James

    So what happened to the idea of a new series called Metropolis? The Clark storyline could be advanced infinitum that way along with others including the Justice League, The batguy? Heck they could even bring back the Green Hornet following that line. Or maybe shifting gears completely with a spin-off called Gotham? Hmmm? Is it time for Smallville to die? No never, ever. Maybe it just needs some new clothes. (A cape looks real good this season). Has Superman lost his appeal? No. But maybe it’s time for the socially inept Clark Kent to grow up.

  11. murphious

    I agree with some who say they wish season 9 was the end.
    It better end after #10. I am tired of being led along like a puppy for hours and hours of Cloe storyline…what a waste of time. She needed to be written out after Clark left High School.

    oh, and Lymond, I think you mean Perry White; the “Mason” you mention is a defense attorney.

  12. Russ

    I am a huge fan of Smallville, I am so glad to see they are doing a season 10. They definitely need to do a Bruce Wayne storylline before they end the series. Hope they continue on for more seasons after 10. However, I think that is highly unlikely, Tom Welling seems ready to move on.

    • matthew

      they are not allowed to do a bruce wayne or wonderwoman storyline. they have been told they can use whatever characters from the dc universe they want but not those two

  13. david

    i have read everything everyone has said and all of you are right but also wrong smallville started as the story of young clark growing into superman but somewhere it got side track honestly they gave him most powers early in the seasons but have dragged out the flying power they have to move on from silly plots and turn him into the man he is destined to become.

  14. Eldos

    Oh man i just got into smallville and im barely on season 5, just started it really. Im in the episode where aquaman is introduced but anywho, im so relieved there will be a season 10, I agree with most of you guys, imo this series should end as far as smallville is concerned and they should end it with Clark suiting up and have maybe an episode or 2 of him already as superman fully accepting his destiny.

    What comes next? Maybe a show titled Metropolis, for one season if it hits awesome if it dont then spin off of bruce wayne :) Some people from what i have asked dont really like the idea of a Batman a la smallville show just because batman begins pretty much explained it in an 1 hr.

    Non the less i love this show, i am not really a Man of Steel fan, but this series rocks and it sure is rubbing on me.

  15. robert harris

    It’s time for the cape, tights, flights and glasses. Maybe the producers may change their minds on this, hope I don’t have to hold my breath waiting.

  16. Josh

    Callum Blue is signed for two years, so he’ll be back next year.

    By the way, originally there was supposed to be a show about Bruce Wayne, but it got canceled, and in its place we got…*drumrol*l…Smallville.

  17. Angelo

    Look i understand where all of you are coming from but i think you’ve all forgotten what this show is about, its about a young Clark Kent learning to cope with his alien powers and heritage now the show has gotten off track and yes its still somewhat like that except for the fact that he hasnt fully mastered all of his powers yet (flying) and hasn’t put on the costume but in my opinion if they’re going to continue the show then they need to change the story. They’re already really far from the true storyline of “Smallville” because all they’ve done is pretty much taken away his flying and costume, he has the Daily Planet, he has Lois Lane and hes got the team. I understand that “Smallville” has its’ own storyline and is very different from all the other sotrylines but in my opinion for all you people out there who think they should bring in Bruce Wayne i think you should just keep quiet because there are just some things you shouldn’t mess(ruin) with. For villains of the next season i think they should bring back Zod and Doomsday because from what i remember Doomsday is the artificial son of Zod so i think they should team up.

  18. Oink

    Very good season finale. Season 10, you are welcome to follow! I btw agree on the whole tights business. I think the show could become as legendary as superman himself if they end it after 10 :).

  19. Tyler

    I just wanna see clarks tranformation from the blur to superman…and maybe get lex back at least for one episode, maybe he will inspire clark to see his full potential and finally embrace his destiny as superman. i mean come on they have teased us about the suit and now their saying he probaly wont wear it.. really people. oh yea…DARKSEID

  20. Matt

    This needs to end after season 10. Its dragged on long enough. And remember all these people are like 33 or more pretending to be what? 24? They’re gonna start looking old soon which is part of why these shows cant last forever, especially when your main character is supposed to live till 1000 or whatever the f*c* he does.

  21. Filbert77

    I have to say, i’ve grown up with smallville largely and i feel that as it has matured, so have I. Which i think was originally the intention of the series; to make a show for the newer generation of DC comics’ fans and teach them. This they have done generally well, in my opinion. But, far as the suggestions of bringing Bruce Wayne into the show, i disagree. If i’m not mistaken there is some extremely brief mention of him at excelsior academy or something? And i have read that after the first few season of smallville, and young bruce series was planned but not brought to fruition. Which i guess makes it entirely possible to bring Young wayne into the show, as they have a clear and established an idea of what he would be like.

    The suggestion of a Death of superman storyline i think would work well, because it is a generally dark story which is what smallville has become. Though i sort of miss the naive optimism of the old series..But i doubt they will use a story that already exists, as they don’t want to last season to be predictable. I do see Doomsday perhaps making a return, and other villains such as BRAINIAC, Zod and of course Luthor – who would have to come back from the dead. – but do we believe he’s really dead? i don’t.
    They’d have to do the same for Mr Kent too.

    I think the season will evolve more around the ideas of the supervillains, as clark already is getting his super-man mentality, and i think perhaps, he will have to go against 3 villain ‘teams’ – Zods (made of Zod, Brainiac and doomsday) Checkmate and the subsequent super henchmen, and Lex luthor, who i believe will be purveyed as supervising the fight of good/evil and in the end we will find out he was manipulating most things in the series, making him the main, if seldom seen, villain. (Which would be useful is Rosembaum does not get back in the game).

    Clarks flying too will evolve around a plot in which he must fly to save someone, and Kara and Martian Manhunter and others will give him a crash course in flying. And following this he will spend the rest of the season getting to grips with this new, and very substantial power.

    As much as She does not technically exist in DC mythology, i do not want chloe dying in the finalé as most are expecting. Mostly because i think it should end on a high. Maybe her death is what pushes clark to get the cape and fly though? Who knows.

    I guess there is a lot of speculation, probably mediated for publicity to wet our appetites. All i know is i’m looking forward to it. And i want the Glasses, suit, and flying to be key for a fair chunk of the series.
    Good luck to them. I for one, can not wait.

  22. Filbert77

    Scatch some of that actually, after re-watching the season finalé i have realised a few subtle hints i have missed.

    I now think DARK-SEID is more or less a definite, with the confirmation that it was “Apokolips” and not the general Zod-caused “Apocalypse” by Geoff Johns. Which means the old lady outside Tess’ hospital room is likely Granny Goodness, and since the newly Clark-Serving Tess is being brought back from the dead too, perhaps therein lies a clue about how Lex and Mr Kent may come back? depending on how Tess is resurrected.

    Following this, i think the “Not-Kandorians” that attack Oliver will be Dark Seids General allies the “New Gods” With “Kalibak”in tow too.

    Thats a rough idea of what i have discovered, please feel free to find out more, you’re probably better than me.

    But either way,this looks like on hell of a series coming. And even though i’m just clasping at speculation-straws , i am bloody excited.

  23. Mr Endowned

    it should go on and clark should finally wear the cape and lex and jonathan should come back as well as lex

  24. matthew

    it’s seems everyone who is a big fan of smallville seem to think it is about superman as an adult. it is not about superman as such, it is about clark kent. they should of made it just a couple of season long with clark learning his abilities and how to control them. he should of been fighting enemies that have nothing to do with when he was superman while learning these powers.

  25. Donna

    Please don’t let Smallville end.

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