Smallville Season 10 Spoilers

Spoilers Smallville Season 10The final episode of Smallville Season 9 was a damn cliffhanger episode, so no I’m quite impatient to watch Smallville Season 10. Not much revealed so far, but the latest episode gave a few hints about what to expect in Smallville Season 10. First, Clark needs obviously to be somehow saved because he has been stabbed by Zod with a blue kryptonite knife:

Smallville Season 10 Trailer

And what about this new mysterious enemy, those red dots, who have attacked Green Arrow and aren’t Kandorians:

Smallville Season 10 will air in the fall of 2010, so we can still speculate about this new enemy, any idea?

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  1. N!gR0

    There could be a possibility that the Martian Manhunter saves him yet again, and the ones who attack Green Arrow could be the OMACS…

  2. RedKryptoniteClark

    I never thought of OMACS…. But I think that Darkseid is coming in season 10. Earlier in season 9 there it was mentioned that Apokalips was coming, and I think that the Lady knitting outside Tess’ hospital room could be Granny Goodness.

  3. Quincey Forder

    I’d say either those monkey soldiers from Apokolypse, the OMACs, Kobra or the enemies of the Tamaran and Thanagarians.
    Heck, maybe even Thanagarian themselves.

    the season finale rocked. the best since several seasons

  4. onit

    New enemy probably the New Gods. They were always talking about aliens and we all thought they meant the Kandorians. Wrong guess? :) They weer taking about the coming apocalypse/Apokolips. Some believe the old lady in front of Mercer’s hospital room was Granny Goodness… yes, her pet dog had the name Mercy. Interesting what a little google search does.

  5. namrepus44

    The attackers that hit green arrow have to be super-powered beings, cyborgs like OMACS for example as said by N!gRO
    reason: did you see the speed at which the beings hit oliver, how strong their punches were in the air vents!
    just can’t figure out who………..

  6. kenneth

    i think the red dots have some thing to do with Lex Luthor. Clark had dreamed about him and since mercy died, lex comeback will be expected. Hope that Lana returns also.

  7. Lunia

    If Chloe left ..what happens to her relationship with oliver?Don’t make it over..the reason i watch smallville apart from clark and lois is chollie couple

  8. Daisy

    I’m hoping that Clark finally becomes the Superman we all know from the DC Comic Books, fighting crime an other super heroes. That would mean that he will finally figure how to fly too. Hopefully he will finally get the name Superboy I would love to see Superboy turned into a flying Superboy. Then in the next or a future season he can finally become Superman.

    Love this show!

  9. robert harris

    Will these boofheads (producers) finally abandoned the ridiculous (no tights, no flights) policy.

    If we are waiting for that, I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

  10. David

    I don’t want to see Clark become Superman til the last episode or two. The whole point of this show was the life of Clark not Superman. What I would like is him to finally give in and become Superman in the series finale and then make a 3-4 part mini series called Metropolis or JLA to give us our Superman fix, since Tom and the cast won’t sign on for a new show about superman and I DON’T want new characters playing the roles, unless its 5 or 6 years from now and even then that would be weird.

    Onit was on point about the Mercer/Mercy similarities question is are the writers that smart. And if it is the case then Apokolips has to show up.

    As much as I hate to say it, for Lex I wouldn’t mind a new Lex since Rosenbaum isn’t gonna come back. Lex was mutilated so having a new face wouldn’t be a stretch. But Lex has tried his hand at making super soldiers and has been gone for a while under the radar so who knows what he could have been up to in all that time. Plus I don’t think anyone should push Clark to Superman but Lex.

    What ever they do, I really want to see Hawkman and the gang back, and for them to try really hard to get all the Justice Gang of Smallville back and I mean all of them aquaman, bart, black canary, zatana, cyborg, and any others i’m forgetting, for one hell of a battle episode. And I know they won’t do Bruce Wayne or Diana Prince but at least make mention of them somehow.

  11. yeb

    the red dots probally have something to do with lex luthor. either he survived by puting a clone in the truck instead, or more likely he cloned himself with his memories before he died and the lex clone is getting revenge.

  12. onit

    By now Darkseid is confirmed but he will show up much later in the season. His minions will show up earlier.

    The red dots may be clones from the Cadmus Lab? Either clones or Darkseid’s minions.

    Just one month to wait.

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