Smallville Season 9 Trailer

Smallville Season 9 Trailer Leaked Online.Watch below a bootleg of the comic con trailer of Smallville Season 9:

Update: here’s the new official trailer of Smallville Season 9:

And the old comic-con trailer of Smallville Season 9:

Smallville Season 9

Awesome: lot of action in Smallville Season 9! And some love too it seems! At long last nut not least Clark and his fated love Lois may have a well-deserved intercourse!

Smallville Season 9 will see the real birth of Superman!

2 Responses - “Smallville Season 9 Trailer”

  1. J Smith

    Does this mean this season, we’ll “FINALLY” get to see Clark “FLY”!? If so, then he will finally (after 8 seasons), fulfilling his destiny. it’s a moment we all been waiting for. Can’t wait!

  2. R Wescott

    Really hoping for flight too. The sad thing is that ever since the beginning they have said “No tights, no flights”. Here’s hoping they realize that it’s about time to move on from that old mind set.