Solomon Kane Movie Trailer

Solomon Kane MovieA bootleg movie trailer of Solomon Kane that was shown during the last Comic Con has leaked online, you may watch it below:

Solomon Kane Official Trailer

Solomon Kane Comic Con

โ€œThe movie tells the origins of Solomon Kane and is hoped to be the first of a trilogy of movies. When the story opens Kane is a mercenary of Queen Elizabeth I fighting in Africa, but after an encounter with a demon, The Reaper, he realizes he must seek redemption or have his soul damned to Hell. He returns to England and lives a life of peace, converting to puritanism, but soon the doings of an evil sorcerer upset his plans and he must take up arms again.โ€

I have mixed feelings about this film: it doesn’t look bad, but I find hard to get really hooked by the whole thing… Right now, I wouldn’t spend a buck on this film… Well, let’s wait for a Solomon Kane trailer of better quality before deciding. High definition could spark some interest.

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  1. Steven Petermann

    A Robert E Howard character finally deserves a good movie. Hopefully Solomon Kane can deliver!