Solomon Kane Poster

The latest poster of Solomon Kane looks quite good, but it kind of oversells the film:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Solomon Kane James Purefoy

In the movie Solomon Kane, James Purefoy does not look as badass as this poster would let us think…

This still of Solomon Kane does not live up to the expectations one may have from the movie poster…

3 Responses - “Solomon Kane Poster”

  1. Taran

    New? This poster is among the first released for the film … in 2008.

    I’m not even sure if the still you posted is actually James Purefoy, and not one of the other characters (the face doesn’t seem to match).

    Having seen the trailer, I can say it’s every bit as badass as the poster suggests.

  2. xino

    Poster looks sick!:)

  3. Wolf

    This movie looks amazing in my opinion! I can see where someone could force connections to Van Hellsing but in the end it’s nothing like it! It’s an amazing and fresh piece that my husband and I are very much looking forward to seeing! x3