Sometimes Always Never Movie

A first official look at Sometimes Always Never (previously titled Triple Word Score), the upcoming drama comedy movie directed by Carl Hunter and starring Bill Nighy, Jenny Agutter, Sam Riley, Alice Lowe, and Tim McInnerny:

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Bill Nighy Sometimes Always Never MovieSometimes Always Never MovieSometimes Always Never Movie Film

Plot synopsis:
“Alan (Bill Nighy) is a man in his sixties, like everyone his life has been touched by a bit of tragedy (one of his sons went missing in his late teens), and disappointment (he has a very distant relationship with his other son and his grandson). Unlike most people however Alan believes that all this can be put right.
Monstrously insensitive, Alan barges into his adult sonโ€™s home and life, trying to make everyone have more fun, while at the same time being utterly oblivious to hurt and chaos he causes. He coerces his grandson into playing scrabble for money. He gets a new girlfriend. He becomes obsessed with the idea that his missing son can be found and is communicating to him through online word games. The odd thing is that โ€“ although he is a monster, the people around him really are becoming happier, and more self confident. But can Alan make himself happier too? Can he find his missing son? Sometimes Always Never is intriguing, odd, warm and funny and so much more than a play on words.”

Communicating to him through online games? So he’s got a tendency to perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things? Well, there’s a name for this: it’s called apophenia. Don’t forget this word it may come handy next time you play Scrabble!

No official release date yet.

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