Somnus Trailer

Somnus 2016 movieThanks to Epic Pictures here’s a brand new trailer for Somnus, the upcoming science-fiction movie directed by Chris Reading and starring Marcus McMahon, Mac McDonald, Cullum Austin, Rohit Gokani, and Victoria Oliver:


What happens when what we create stops listening?

Space is dangerous!

Plot synopsis:
“Escaping the death of his wife, a grief ridden captain sets off to complete his final mission, commanding an aging container ship in the depths of space. But a deadly accident onboard forces him and his crew to divert to a derelict asteroid station, where they discover a mysterious group of colonists guarding an ancient secret, the terrifying truth about the end of the world.”

Somnus is must-see for science-fiction fans, especially for fans of old-school science-fiction!

Release date of the movie Somnus: in select Theaters September 9, 2016 then On Demand everywhere October 4, 2016.

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