Sonic Movie

Do you know Sonic? Yep we’re talking about that blue hedgehog, the character created by Sega to compete with Nintendo’s Mario. Well, Sonic is going to make it to the big screen! Sony unveils indeed its plan to develop a movie based on the video game hero. The film will likely be a blend of CG animation and live-action.

For those who don’t know about (or remember) Sonic, here’s a video of the video game:


No director has been announced yet. And no plot synopsis has been revealed.

Any fans of Sonic out there? Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the upcoming Sonic movie!

One Response - “Sonic Movie”

  1. Chris Welch

    They should started from the beginning showing how him eggman met and show when he met Tails and his other Friends I’ve been a sonic fan for over 20 years