Soundtrack of Avatar

Avatar Music - Avatar Song - Avatar SoundtrackHere’s the tracklist of the Avatar soundtrack:

1.”You Don’t Dream in Cryo…”
2.”Jake Enters His Avatar World”
3.”Pure Spirits of the Forest”
4.”The Bioluminescence of the Night”
5.”Becoming One of ‘The People’ Becoming One With Neytiri”
6.”Climbing Up – ‘Iknimaya – The Path to Heaven'”
7.”Jake’s First Flight”
8.”Scorched Earth”
10.”The Destruction of ‘Hometree'”
11.”Shutting Down Grace’s Lab”
12.”Gathering All the Na’vi Clans for Battle”
14.”I See You” (Theme from “Avatar”), performed by Leona Lewis

Impatient to hear the theme song of Avatar: i wonder if it will be as successful as the song of Titanic…

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