Soundtrack Saw V

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in Saw 5

If you are a Saw fan then you probably know that the soundtrack of Saw V is already available. Here the playlist:

Saw 5 Soundtrack

1. Trap Attacks – Charlie Clouser

2. True Believer – Testament

3. Death And Destruction (Remix) – Ministry

4. What’s Next (The Blood & Sand Mix) – Filter

5. Thanks Again, Again – The Almighty

6. The Banishment – Prong

7. The Dawning Of Doom – Die Krupps

8. Power Player – Clutch

9. ugLi – Skinny Puppy

10. Strangers – William Control

11. Unlaced – Emilie Autumn

12. Blood And Music – Fixmer/McCarthy

13. Wizard Of Sextown – The Revolting Cocks

14. Date Of Expiration (Expired) – Funker Vogt

15. What It Takes – Charlie Clouser

Those songs are a good match for a saw movie. Too bad that Be Thou My Vision is not in the soundtrack of Saw 5 though. That’s probably because of those damned lawyers hired by Ginny Owens… Many tricks for them this Halloween!

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