Speed Racer Ford vs Toyota

It’s been a few years already since Hollywood is acknowledging the Asian market of moviegoers. That’s maybe why Asian faces keep popping up in the cast of American movies. And this trick surely have a positive impact among Asian people.

Well, Speed Racer (Ford The American) is playing on Asian pride by putting forward Taejo (Toyota The Japanese) as the main competiter of Speed:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Speed racer

Don’t want to undermine Asian pride but Taejo (Toyota) can’t be compared to Speed (Ford)! Only one other pilot can be compared: it’s Racer X (General Motors)!

Unfortunately this order is not exactly true for the car companies… Indeed:
Gas-guzzling cars s*ck! Prius rocks!

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  1. aj

    this movie is awesome!!

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