Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

Here’s a first look at Actor Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man:

Spider-Man Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Spider-Man Movie

The costume looks quite good!

5 Responses - “Spider-Man Andrew Garfield”

  1. kastasmf

    It looks like he has some metal thing on his hands for making spider web.

  2. xaim

    I think it will be a Spetacular Spiderman reboot.
    And the shooter looks nice the older costume was not so logical for making spider webs ;=)

  3. michael

    Andrew Garfield????…..FAIL…. :( He is just NOT Peter Parker….

  4. xino

    looks quite good?

    it’s F**ING AMAZING!

    i hope this movie will have everything exactly like how Peter acts.
    I really hate Tobey’s Peter personality! That character just acts like a total pussy who can’t speak for shit, but more confident behind the mask.

    That is not how spiderman acts.
    peter acts like a geek but spiderman acts more funny and comedic