Spiderman 4 Movie

Spiderman 4 MovieA Spiderman 4 movie is scheduled to be released in May 2011. Thanks to AICN You may take a look to the first teaser poster of this new Spiderman movie here below:
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Spiderman 4 MovieSPIDERMAN 4

May 6, 2011

No real clue yet about what villains will show off in Spiderman 4. Director Sam Raimi has been hinting at the vampire Morbius as a possible contender while Stan Lee said that the Lizzard would be a logic choice.

More details at: Spiderman 4 Movie Trailer

Raimi also acknowledges that there were too many villains in the third opus, so I guess that Spiderman won’t have more than 2 main nemesis in the fourth movie.

I’d be fine with both Morbius and the Lizzard in Spiderman 4. What about you? What villain would you rather see in the movie Spiderman 4?

3 Responses - “Spiderman 4 Movie”

  1. c lacey

    would love to see the vampire to come to the screen although would love to see how the lizzard would look on the screen

  2. zuel

    I probably would like to see the Scorpion,Carnage,the Rhino,or Mysterio.

  3. Anon

    Well looking back now I was so hyped but then they cancelled it how could they man that was f$%ked

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