Spiderman Reboot

Spiderman Movie RebootIn a surprising movie Sony has announced that they’re going to reboot the Spiderman movie Franchise and that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire won’t be on board!

Spiderman 4 Reboot

According to the rumor the movie Spiderman 4 blew up because because Director Sam Raimi and Sony were at odds over what villain should show up in the new Spiderman movie ad because Sony is helbent on going 3D while Raimi wasn’t much enthusiast about the new technology…

Well, I don’t care if Sam Raimi is fired and I won’t cry over Sony replacing Tobey Maguire, but rebooting the franchise? Seriously? Don’t want to see the origins of Spiderman again… Even in 3D… Or they need to deliver a really awesome plot! But there is some hope: I heard that the script for the Spiderman reboot has been written by James Vanderbilt (they’re going to use a back-up script written some time ago).

More information about the Spiderman reboot movie soon!

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  1. xino

    I don’t think rebooting the movie may s**k. But it’s just a waste of time and money!
    Seriously, it’s best to just change the overall feel of Spiderman and continue off Spiderman 3 or change some of the ending.

    I mean they can rechange Peter Parker and let him show us his geeky side, the science part that always help him during fight.
    Will the web cartridges return?

    More funny Spiderman.
    I mean Spiderman 1 was the best Spiderman. But Number 2 had too much Sam Raimi feel to it and less comic. Peter was always getting downside all the time, horror feel like for Doc Ock, the length of the movie with talking and action. Yet number 2 had the best fight scene ever.
    Then you have Spiderman 3 that just has messed up storyline and cliched fight scenes and crap ending:/

  2. Mark

    Sam Raimi did a wonderful job, so not sure why they need a reboot. And people need to quit crying over number 3, if you actually watch them all in a row it makes sense. So your lack of movie-watching doesn’t need to contribute to making a movie look bad.
    However, most of the time there’s a reboot, they do a good job, so who knows.
    One thing though, shame on everyone on here who can’t spell Spider-man correctly. You obviously aren’t a fan if you can’t spell it right. Don’t forget the hyphen in Spider-man.

  3. Angel

    Seems like they are going to kill the SPIDER-MAN Franchise.my opinion.

  4. Aby Cornet

    What a waste of time and energy, whats the point to re-make Spiderman 4 if Tobey the real character is not going to be there This movie is going to spoil all the other movies that have been so FANTASTIC. I hate when stupid Director and Producers come up with such IDIOTIC thinking…. Tobey is TERRIFIC, and without him the movie will suck BIG TIME!!! I will not watch the movie, and I’ll be dam sure to let all my connection of friends not to WATCH this sorry movie.. America does not want to replace TOBEY!! Going along with this crazy idea will only ruin the whole Spiderman Excitement.!!! Going along with this crazy idea will be funny because it will not make as much money as it could be really making… Profit’s will get hurt….

  5. B

    Of course people will go see it! And I say that looking at it objectively. People love remakes and they love hype. Get Steve Jobs to advertise the movie.

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