Splice Movie Trailer

Splice MovieA new trailer of Splice has shown up online:


At this very moment
in labs across the country
boundaries are being pushed
risks are being taken
and a line… is a bout to be crossed

Director Vincenzo Natali talks about his movie Splice:

“Splice is a serious film and an emotional one. And there’s sex… Very unconventional sex. The centerpiece of the movie is a creature which goes through a dramatic evolutionary process. The goal is to create something shocking but also very subtle and completely believable.”

Director Vincenzo Natali

Splice looks like a hell of movie, can’t wait to watch it!

3 Responses - “Splice Movie Trailer”

  1. xino

    this movie better be good!
    they’ve been using the same damn scene from other trailers:/

    i love that nice cute sound at the end of the trailer

    “pkikikia:P” that’s what it sounds like

  2. Potions master

    The splice girl is hot, i want to do her

  3. kaylynn

    ive been waiting too watch this movie
    since i first seen it preview. the trailer looks
    like its going too be a good movie cant wait !
    this better be good.