Star Trek 2 Klingon spotted!

Take a closer look at that picture of J.J. Abrams:

Star Trek 2 Trailer

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

See anything in the background? Well according to the online rumor it’s a klingon:

If that alien is a klingon, then why is it so green? Klingons usually tend to have a skin tone that ranges from a swarthy olive to brown. The green hue on that picture isn’t right… Also What about the face? Really different from the original Klingons.

2 Responses - “Star Trek 2 Klingon spotted!”

  1. quinzel

    Looks like a Klingon to me ^^ at the end of the day its a horrendously out of focus image, and you can see a lot of blueish-yellow lighting all over the shot, hence the green. Odds are it looks exactly like a Klingon should look, just not a very good shot there.

    Nice teaser though :)

  2. mnm221

    TBH, this looks alot like a deleted scene from the first Star Trek movie. If it is then it was a klingon from the prison planet. Just saying, it may not be from the new movie at all, but a deleted scene from the first one.