Star Trek 3 Movie directed by Justin Lin

Update 2 – Justin Lin (who helmed Fast and Furious 6) took over the director’s seat! and Idris Elba is playing the main villain, possibly a Klingon!

Update 1 – Sounds like Roberto Orci left the boat, stay tuned with us for more details!

Star Trek 3 MovieThe third installment in the new Star Trek franchise will not be directed by J.J. Abrams (I guess he’s too busy or prefer to focus on new projects)… Roberto Orci is indeed taking over the director’s seat.

Star Trek 3 Movie Trailer

For those who don’t know him, he’s a successful scriptwriter who co-wrote the first two Star Trek movies (and a few Transformers movies). Unfortunately he’s got no real experience as director of a feature film. But hey he’s no newcomer to the franchise, and anyway, I bet he will get as much help as he needs from J.J. Abrams and other consultants. So the third installment should be faithful to the spirit and feel of the rebooted franchise.

What do you think of Roberto Orci as Director of Star Trek 3? Are your worried? Or do you approve? Share your thoughts below!

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