Star Trek 3 Movie Trailer

Check out this brand new trailer of Star Trek 3 aka Star Trek Beyond, the upcoming science-fiction movie sequel directed by Justin Lin and starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto:

Plot synopsis:
“After stopping off at Starbase Earhart, a remote outpost on the fringes of Federation space, the USS Enterprise, halfway into their five-year mission, is destroyed by a powerful, unstoppable wave of unknown aliens. With the crew stranded on a unknown planet and with no apparent means of rescue, they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy who has a well-earned hatred of the Federation and what it stands for.”

I like the Star Trek reboot, but I must admit I can’t help but feel like Star Trek TOS was better…

Anyway, if you’re wondering about the song in this new trailer of Star Trek Beyond, it’s the song “Sledgehammer” by Rihanna. Yep, Star Trek is now a really mainstream thing, even Rihanna can lend her voice to the franchise… Good or bad?

Release date: July 22, 2016.

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