Star Trek Movie Trailer In Front of James Bond Quantum of Solace

The Enterprise in Star Trek Movie.

According to trek Movie the first full-length trailer of Star Trek, the upcoming movie based on the famous sci-fi franchise and directed by J.J. Abrams, will be shown in front Quantum of Solace, the next James Bond movie. I’m incline to believe it will be so because the production company Paramount may then be able to reach a broad public.

So the trailer of Star Trek should be available by November 14, 2008 onward at:

Star Trek Trailer

A promotion campaign is also being prepared to reignite a Star trek craze in Europe. So we may hope some leaked footage of Star Trek quite soon too!

Update as of November 11, 2008: a counter has shown up on the official site of Star Trek the movie and it confirms that the release of the Star Trek trailer if for soon!

Update as of November 15, 2008: the trailer of Star Trek has leaked online

–> Star Trek Movie Trailer

Star Trek Full Length Trailer

This Star Trek movie is going to blow us away: it looks awesome! Thumbs up for J.J. Abrams and his Star trek movie!

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  1. denvet

    thank god
    finally star trek steps up to the plate
    i cannot wait its absolute bullshit
    very clever marketing
    the buzz is out