Star Trek Movie Trailer

Star trek Movie

The trailer of Star trek currently shown in front of Quantum of Solace has leaked online. This bootleg trailer of SDtar trek is in quite good quality besides.

Enjoy below the first full trailer of Star Trek

Star Trek Trailer Leaked

This Star Trek movie is based on the famous cult sci-fi franchise and is directed by J.J. Abrams.

4 Responses - “Star Trek Movie Trailer”

  1. Film Book

    Very cool trailer. The action scenes look very good.

  2. Stephen

    Looks like will give much overrated Star Wars Prequels run for their money

  3. Stephen

    Looks very promising. Star Trek needed more action looks like they have pulled out all the stops. Makes all other Treks look dated. can’t wait.

  4. Jesse

    only thing i didnt like was the red alert Klaxon, it was sooo TNG