Star Trek Movie: Sulu, Scott, McCoy and Checkov

I just discovered a new set of Star Trek posters (from the last comic con):

Star Trek Movie

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Star Trek Movie - The Crew

(John Cho)

(Simon Pegg)

(Karl Urban)

(Anton Yelchin)

Dr. McCoy was my favorite character in Star Trek TOS! But those second roles were all actually very important for the show.

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  1. Brett

    I have never been a huge Trekkie, although I love the first few movies. I must say that I’m really looking forward to this new Star Trek, mainly because Abrams is directing it.

    Another reason to see this is that the son of the original Scotty (Chris Doohan) has a role with the new Scotty. Pure f’in genious!! He’s quite the looker too (check out his IMDB here)

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