Star Wars The Clone Wars Comic Con Preview Clip

Star Wars The Clone WarsA 4-minute preview clip of Star Wars The Clone Wars, the upcoming CGI movie based on George Lucas’ franchise, has been shown at the Comic Con. You may watch it here below:

Star Wars The Clone Wars Preview Clips

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead Clone troops against the Droid army.

Star Wars The Clone Wars looks appealing despite some poor CGI. Don’t understand why the CGI is not better.. Why is George Lucas so stingy with all the money he earned from Star Wars fans? He should invest a bit more if he wants the Star Wars universe to develop further and reach a wider public!

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  1. movie buff

    so Lucas finally got to make (or a least approve of) a whole Star Wars movie after his love for CGI… looks fun though

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