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There’s a new Step Up movie sequel ahead of us. Summit Entertainment is quite satisfied with the success of Step Up 3D and they’re even advertising about it on Variety’s site. And there’s a hot nugget in their ad: they reveal that they’re planning to release a new Step Up movie in 2012, and it will be titled Step Up 4Ever. Here’s the ad we’re talking about (which only points to Summit Entertainment’s site):

Step Up 4 Ever Trailer

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Step Up 4 Ever MovieSummit Entertainment commemorates the success of STEP UP 3D
and looks forward to doing it again in 2012 with STEP UP 4EVER in 3D

There’s almost no doubt that Moose (Adam Sevani) will show up again, but what will be the plot of Step Up 4Ever? Well , no plot has been announced yet for the movie Step Up 4 Ever…

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the next movie was to focus on a crew of American dancers vying for the world title in an international competition. Would be really great: Moose and his crew would have to battle against crew from other countries (with new music and new dance styles). But that’s just speculation for now. What do you think? Any suggestion for Step Up 4 Ever?

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  1. Fábio Carvalho

    Would be great, see Sevani’s Crew going forward to battle with other crews that are all over the world, and with different styles, they could make a select thing to discover new dancers that want make success outside.. Discover new styles, moves, and dreams… Some people just need a spark to set up fire and show what they got… just want one opportunity, and the step up 3D make us believe in our dreams, and go ahead with’em.. like i’m trying to do.. ;)

  2. Bella

    It would be awesome if you do the next movie as a West Coast Vs East Coast and have the crew in NY with Moose, battle against the CA crew in which i last lead went to school for film. Also throw in some Black Eye Pea songs, their beats are crazy cool and would make for a HOT Battle.

  3. Gaby :)

    I know that they are shooting in miami but they should bring back adam and madd-chadd (robot guy in Step Up 3-D) and do alot more adam action or maybe even put Jon M. Chu in the movie!

  4. Sharna

    It would be really good to see the crews have some new younger members, you know mix up the ages have a few 6year olds and some teens and stuff, everyone loves seeing little kids dance :) There should be actual dancers from australia performing as dancers from australia instead of all americans (no offence) our aussie Sharni Vinson prooves aussies have what it takes so come on Aussies!!! And if there turns out to be try-out in Australia im so entering :D it really needs to be promoted tho so people from small towns actually know about it. We got some amazing dancers here in Narrogin it would be so cool to get them into a movie so they can show off what they got :D

  5. Sharna

    Step Up 4Ever!!! woo hoo!!! can’t wait! =)

  6. Steven

    I think they should get all the dancers from the last 3 films and put them all in one film have some competitions and that

  7. Mitchel

    They need to keep Moose in it, Step Up isn’t Step Up without him, but seeing as this one is going to be the last one, it needs to be longer to about 2 1/2 hours to 2 hours 50 minuets, almost 3 hours at least, and bring together everyone from the previous films such as Moose, Nora, Tyler, Andie, Chase, Camille, Luke, Natalie, the whole MSA crew, and the whole crew from Step Up 3D, all in one, busting the most biggest and baddest dance moves of all time, take it to a whole new level, like the guy from Stomp the Yard said, quote “I have never seen stepping like this before”, make it crazy, insane, Badass, make it sick ass hell. Make it the best one out of the whole series.

  8. lucinda

    oooh, pleaasee let Alyson Stoner and Adam G. Sevani be in it !!
    Thats my only wish for step up 4ever !

    I love Camille and Mooose ! <3


  9. darryl smith

    bring all the characters from all the stepup movies and have a big big dance off , as many as you can possibly get back, especially brianna

  10. Konhei

    I Miss Channing Tatum.♥

  11. Katie

    I just hope the Martin and Facundo Lombard (Santiago twins from Step Up 3) are in it again. They are my favorite characters in the SU 3 movie!

  12. Mayur

    Plz Tell me that is there moose (adam sevani) going to do step up 4 or not..?

  13. Madelin

    Alyson Stoner and Adam G. Sevani I love you! them must be in step up 4. It is no film without them. So please let them be with. Let them be with it will be a as good film as step up 3d!

  14. Manish

    Step Up 4 ( 2012 )
    Drama | Music | Romance – 27 July 2012 (USA
    director: Scott Speer
    Writer: Jenny Mayer (screenplay)
    Stars: Kathryn McCormick , Ryan Guzman and Stephen Boss
    emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to becomea professional dancer.She sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose neighborhood is threatened by Emily’sfather’s development plans.

  15. ff

    WHAT!!?? .. Adam Sevani is not the lead guy in step up 4 ?? , Okay i dont know if i want to watch this moviee .. MAKE ADAM THE LEAD GUY! ‘

    • Bazzinga

      Hell yea. Adam sevani is the best dancer I’ve ever seen step up is nothing without him. If he isn’t in I’m not watching it. I <3 Adam sevani forever!!!!

  16. sade

    I want to be in your next movie I don’t care what it takes, I want to be a good dancer!

  17. pris

    everybody loves adam sevani…step up 4 would have been better if moose plays the lead you,moose!

  18. Mitchel

    Well here’s the thing, for those of you who still hasn’t seen the movie yet, Moose is still in it, but he doesn’t have the main role, he’s only a cameo in this one, he shows up during the last dance, he flips out of nowhere, literally. But look on the bright side, Moose being in one part of the movie is better than him not being in the movie at all. Plus I also found out a few weeks back, maybe a couple months that even before Step Up: Revolution 3D came out, there was already talks about a Step Up 5, so we’ll be getting another sequel, and hopefully they give Moose his main roll back.

  19. Da'Shawn

    it would be so awesome if they had a step up it would be so amazing they should have all of the ppl from other dance movies in it too like in stomp the yard nd you got served it will be the most awesomest movie yet nd will have ppl watching it all over agian from the first movie i love the story line behind it nd it inspired me too nd my friends follow our dreams despite what other ppl think i love these movies nd it shows tht no matter what there is always a way to some something nd dance is the most creative way nd it speaks louder than words it id the voice of all the ppl in the world please please please make a step up 5 please also i want to audition for it too it would be a dream come true

  20. ladybee02

    Moose, you were not only bfabb. You were born to dance! Don’t ever give it up

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