Stonerunner Movie

I’ve just spotted this teaser poster of Stonerunner, the upcoming science-fiction adventure animated movie directed by Steve Trenbirth based on a script by Paul Western-Pittard:

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From the ruins a hero must rise.

Plot synopsis:
“As Tyson surveys the ruins of his once great city, he remembers happier days before the dictator Delacorte waged his devastating coup and kidnapped his parents. Now he spends his days as a Stonerunner, scavenging for priceless military technology hidden within the rubble.
​It is during such a hunt that Tyson spots one of Delacorte’s drones. Rushing to hide, he accidentally dislodges some concrete blocks and they crash far below him, exposing a vast underground cavern. Leaping in to avoid being seen, he finds himself surrounded by a huge haul of hi-tech equipment. He’s struck gold!
As he begins to explore, he turns around to see that he is being
stalked by a Prowler – a fearsome panther-like cybernetic that guards ancient technology. Tyson takes flight but eventually finds himself trapped. The Prowler opens its razor-like jaws ready to pounce but at the last moment is blasted away. Tyson has been saved but by who?
As the smoke clears Tyson sees a huge Robot stomping towards him, scanning him with intense light-rays. Tyson watches as he comes towards him – but the robot suddenly loses all power and shuts down.
Tyson climbs the rubble to see if the robot is okay. Reaching him, he touches its surface and the robot jumps to life as if Tyson’s energy has been transferred to him through that single touch. From that moment the two have an unbreakable bond that will help Tyson take on Delacorte and his war machines.”

Love the style of the Tron-cum-Apple vibe of the robot!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

Update – We just spotted three new pictures of Stonerunner, take a look below:

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Stonerunner Movie Picture


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  1. Joe

    That robot looks like a Tron take on the robot dog AIBO!