Storm Shadow GI Joe Movie

A GI Joe character poster featuring Lee Byung-Hun as Storm Shadow has been unveiled:

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Storm Shadow - Lee Byung-Hun

I spotted on Google Image (here) two pictures with a better look at Storm Shadow:

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Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-Hun) and Baroness (Sienna Miller) - GI Joe Movie

Storm Shadow

This Storm Shadow just looks like John Preston (played by Christian Bale) in the sci-fi movie Equilibrium: his outfit is all white! It would have been better if they had kept the red cobra on the outfit:

Storm Shadow - GI Joe Toy

2 Responses - “Storm Shadow GI Joe Movie”

  1. Joe

    Sorry to say, but they should’ve casted a Japanese actor for Storm Shadow’s role. Lee Byung Hun is a great actor, but still lacks the appropriate feel for the role. Lastly and most importantly, the costume designer obviously did not read any of the comic books, b/c it’s too bulky and lacks the ninja spirit. It looks like something out of Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show. Disappointed!!!!

  2. Tess

    I think it is Great to have a Korean actor for the role. He is an awesome actor in his Korean movies… (for those of you who don’t watch Korean Dramas). He is super and for that I am actually more likely to go watch it when it comes out.

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